I used up all my likes!


Hmmm… I know I’m a newbie, but if anyone’s tallying, I don’t like not being able to like a lot. Don’t quite agree that too many likes diminishes their meaning. This ol’ world’s mean enough as it is… :wink:

(Jessica) #22

It is! Positivity won’t hurt no one.

And if there has to be a limit, then why couldn’t old used up likes expire, so you can spread new likes to more recent posts.
Imagine the forum in one year: heartless place.

(eat more) #23

nah…the more time you’re here and the more you contribute (trust level) the bigger like allowance you get…we can sprinkle that shit everywhere…and there will be more of us and we’ll be one big healthy positive heart :smiley: :heart:


At the very least, it would be nice if @discourse at least showed the number of likes used and available in the profile Summary.

(eat more) #25

i think we are just overachievers :blush:

(eat more) #26

i think i just used up most of my likes in the “what did you eat today?” thread :joy:


According to @Brenda, I’m a “serial liker”, but actually I’m a “cereal killer”, even though I’m almost out of likes again today. :cry:

I really hate this dialog box!

destroyed! :smiling_imp:


I’m very happy I stumbled upon this thread - :grin: newbie alert here!!! and as is characteristic of newbies :wink: I am already finding myself liking almost every post I read so now I know the likes are precious commodities :smirk:I think I’m gonna treat them like carbs and only limit them to less than 20 per day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: