I quit!


I am already 46 years old and I stopped believing in “sounds too good” things ages ago… Especially regarding diets, they are famously overexaggerated. So you had your lesson. It’s individual and obviously so many factors are in play. Stress can mess up many things even some that may sound illogical.

True, people who got great results with keto (or IF) tend to talk about it like it surely brings quick, great positive changes to everyone. I don’t like that either but I understand those people to a great extent. And they are somewhat right, it works for many like that but not for everyone and it’s definitely not easy for everyone to stick to it anyway.
Articles, gurus, normal people: take their statements with a grain of salt and know that you are an individual, you can’t expect the same results as someone else or the average person.


Thank you so so much for replying again. Your words and explanations are great!
Admin: can we please have a sticky saying “Keto doesn’t work for everyone” please.?
That way people won’t fall for the success stories and believe it will DEFINITELY happen for them.
I am going over old ground again but…Keto for 5 weeks has brought me STRESS, ANXIETY, WORSE SLEEP, ZERO WEIGHT LOSS, FRUSTRATION, MONEY WASTED and MORE STRESS STRESS STRESS.
This will hopefully help them with mental health problems like myself from choosing a diet that will take take take but give ZERO in return!!!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #163

It’s important to remember that the Keto Diet is all about good health. It’s not about weight loss!
Weight loss, for most people, is a consequence.So although you may not lose weight, your health should improve. Perhaps in your case very slowly.

(Robin) #164

I understand your point. And your frustration.
BUT… I do not think that message would help anyone at least try. You are an outlier. We’ve had others before and no doubt will again. But our positivity and support have helped too many people to now start with a precautionary warning.

Everyone figures out whether keto is for them or not. At least newbies will have our support and encouragement. As I believe you have too.
No reason to go away mad. We still wish you well and hope you find your own best answer.
You’ve still got this!


I don’t know what all websites you got your ideas about Keto from, but you are stressing over I don’t know what all. It’s not a “lose weight fast” fad. It’s not an expensive “only the most expensive will do” diet. It’s not a “count everything every day” diet. It’s simply a cutting out carbs and replacing them with fat thing. Do that and sit back and over time you see the benefits. If you are in it just to lose fat fast, you will only be frustrated and stressed, Keto is not for that. Weight loss is a side effect, not a goal.


You can’t blame keto for money wasted though. It was your decision. If you don’t think your food is worth the money as it’s healthier, better for you, why did you buy it? I think many of us don’t quite understand that part…

And I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work for me or you. Your actual style doesn’t cause quick results. And I needed tweaks too. I NEEDED my original keto phase to reach the point I am now and I like what I have, even without fat-loss but it will happen as I pretty much figured out how…
I can’t NOT do keto on an average day, I need very low-carb. It has not much to do with my fat-loss or lack of it. And you are only at the beginning… With special circumstances like apparently big stress and medication change.

But I firmly believe keto isn’t for everyone. I just don’t think that if we don’t get quick results right away with the first version we try, it necessarily means it’s not for us. It very well may be.

(Edith) #167

I do think you need to relax. And yes, I agree, keto doesn’t work for everyone. Like I mentioned earlier, you may want to give the paleo diet a try. You can eat meat, fruit, and veggies. It is still on the low carb side, but being more relaxed about your intake and not fretting about macros may help. Just leaving out grains and eating healthier overall may set your body on the right course without the stress.

When I first joined the forum, gosh, six years ago at this point, we had a forum member who went by yayhowfun or something like that. She didn’t lose any weight with keto either. I remember reading through all her posts and the various things she was trying to no avail. She was also an avid exerciser and that didn’t seem to make any difference for her.

Last year, I tried a kick boxing fitness plan. I loved it, thought it was soooooo much fun. The only problem was that it was VERY high intensity, and at 57 years old, I think my body found it stressful. I started gaining weight in my midsection. So, I stopped going and the weight gain stopped. Stress/cortisol really does make a difference and if the diet is causing you stress, it is not going to help.

I truly do hope you figure out what works for you, and if it isn’t keto, that’s okay. There are a few other alternatives you can look into:

  1. The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol - https://thepaleodiet.com/how-to-start-an-autoimmune-protocol-diet
  2. PKD - Paleo Ketogenic Diet promoted my Paleomedicina - https://www.paleomedicina.com/en/paleolithic_ketogenic_diet_PKD_efficacy_applicability
  3. GAPS diet - https://www.gapsdiet.com/

All three of these ways of eating have good healing track records.

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Are you in Ketosis? What are your morning Glucose/Ketone numbers?
What are they just before your first Meal or Fatty Coffee?

How do you feel? Have you skipped a meal accidentally?
Do you still think about food a lot?
Are you using ANY Artificial sweeteners (including Stevia, like in Element Electrolytes?)

That will tell us a lot more on how to help you.

The HWC for some is enough to prevent weight loss.
See this for more ideas:

(Bacon enough and time) #169

@Hketo I recently found this video by Dr. Stephen Phinney, a researcher into the ketogenic diet. I wonder if it might be useful to you:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #170

At 8:23 Phinney talks about high insulin resistance making ketosis harder also acute inflammation.


Why have I no energy? I watched Dr Boz and she spoke so highly about the fat fat fat at the beginning of this journey! Are you really telling me my body is too dumb to start utilising it? If fat is fuel why am I always extremely tired?? On my SAD I had put weight on but could last the whole day with energy.

(Denise) #172

I don’t know anyone, off-hand, including myself, that had much, if any energy when starting Keto. When I think of what a change it is for my body from the crap-food I was addicted to, it’s no surprise getting it out of my system was pretty much expected. I was prepared too, stocked up on food, and just took it easy but I am retired. I think people that work jobs probably have to hit the program slower, not all or nothing.

I also considered the health issues I already had coming into Keto and there was a lot of healing that needed to take place and did, not every issue, but many things were cleared up/healed.

(Bacon enough and time) #173

I’m not an athlete, so I never really suffered from a loss in performance during keto-adaptation, but I did follow Dr. Phinney’s advice and worked to keep my salt intake up and made a point of drinking to thirst. As a result, I avoided the keto “flu,” just as Dr. Phinney promised I would.

Dr. Phinney tells a story of talking with Prof. Volek, who couldn’t figure out why his athletes were having a problem during the tests he was running. Dr. Phinney suggested giving them a cup of salty broth 30-45 minutes before the tests. It turned out that they were all sodium-deficient, with consequent hypovolaemia. The broth cured both problems, and the test results were more in line with expectations.

This is one of the reasons I always encourage people to take a look at their sodium and water intakes. Getting 10-15 grams of salt a day, and drinking to thirst (i.e, neither under- nor over-hydrating) can solve a number of problems, surprisingly.

(Denise) #174

Thank goodness I started doing that, I used added salt on all my meats, and I add it to my drinking water. I only drink 2 16 ounce jugs a day and that’s only if I’m thirsty :wink: I’ll look for Phinney on water and salt so I can pass it on as I do feel very good all in all, on Keto :wink: I wake up with a lot of energy, and I no longer have to drag my way out of bed!


So that’s it…I gave in and had a carb binge! Ended up stuffing my face with crisps, bread, sweets and cookies. It was as if I was possessed. I felt terrible and nauseous but weighed myself just now and I’ve only gained 1kilo in weight. I’ll get right back on Keto tomorrow and hope to see some genuine weight loss this time around.


Good luck but I am really curious about your macros so in the case you track them, tell us! :wink:
Or your water gain loss, I like various numbers :slight_smile:
When I eat high-carb, my weight usually don’t change but 1kg is so little, there is some chance for that (when I overeat like crazy and the waste in me increases. it’s hardly water weight but it should be for you I think. it took me years to lose my water weight changes going on/off keto. and reading about other people’s experiences, it seems many keep them…?).

(Denise) #177

LOL, I doubt there are many of us that haven’t done this Hketo :slight_smile: Yes, you can get right back on Keto. I got all worried after I did a bunch of popcorn and my blood sugar shot up, and I’ve also overdone at a potluck, and it shot up. But after to talking with people here, I realized I would still be fine with my body producing more ketones, and beginning to burn fat as my main fuel, and not carbs :wink:

PS I did log at first hketo, just to get my macros close to what they say they should be. It was, I think, harder for me to get more Fat, than Protein, then it was to eat lower carbs but I got it eventually :slight_smile: I’ll show you a piechart of my macros, but I only tracked I think it was like 2 weeks, now I just eat the foods I know to eat, and if I don’t buy it, I don’t eat it (not tempted :wink: )


(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #178

Yeah, this,ll be interesting. Who knows, might trigger fat metabolism? …


I knew I had real problems before starting keto and reversing Type 2.
Physical symptoms, not just bad blood markers.

I would eat a standard SAD lunch at work, and within an hour I was ‘getting the nods’ at my desk.
I was practically narcoleptic. Zapped of energy and couldn’t hold my head up.
I tried countering it with strong coffee and walking around the (large) site…but nothing worked.
After lunch I was ruined, and all I felt like doing was getting horizontal for a kip.

I’m really thankful there was a way out away from that through keto.


I always am less energetic after a bigger meal, it doesn’t matter if it’s carnivore or high-carb… Great time for a nap when I lack some sleep or just need some rest… Maybe it’s not the same on both woe, I definitely feel better with less carbs but a big meal is a big meal and I want rest then.