I quit!

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Ha. Just like the topic says ‘I Quit’.
Being able to quit stuff gives us great inner strength. I think of chocolate as I write this :pleading_face:


My chocolate is very much keto but I aim carnivore-ish and chocolate is too fatty for me… Fortunately a bunch of nice carni food is good against stupid desires :wink:
I ate so much chocolate and cake on keto, I got bored of the latter (years passed and still no pull and I LOVED cakes with a passion) and I am not much into chocolate either. It’s lovely, sure but I had (almost?) enough for life.

If it’s food, I can’t and don’t want to resist temptation but saying no when the situation isn’t so bad, yes. I have items where I need abstinence. Not many, I got super good at ridiculously tiny amounts. Sometimes the right amount is zero though, I can eat little and it’s mostly harmless but it’s still better to forget about it.

My “vice” (it’s a too strong word. more like just weakness?) is fruits now. I am good at tiny amounts since very very long and my carnivore helped a lot but it’s still far from the zero my original carnivore-ish demans (well it allows a few drops of lemon juice but that’s close enough to me).
So while they drove me off keto in the past sometimes (despite I ate fruits each and every day on keto too), they mess with my carnivore now. I still eat half as much carbs as I could for ketosis even on my days with strawberry, raspberry, cherry, sour cherry and apple on the same day… As I can eat my normal food in a few carbs. Though l I easily ate 6 different fruits on my old keto too (but one usually was banana back then) and I only had like 5g carbs for them on those special fruity days, I usually didn’t sacrifice my veg carbs and my fruits had to contain only 1-3g sugar.

So I usually go for smaller amounts, not abstinence of items I like. But even I have food I can’t eat in moderation. I just cut those out ages ago. So lucky I wasn’t particularly attached to either. Or if I was, it was enough to eat them once in a blue moon (once in 5 years is vastly different from never to me. 5 years is so long that I often lost interest after. but not always).

Sorry I went overboard again.


This sounds hard. If you recently stopped such powerful meds, of course you’re feeling bad. I would think it would take months for your body to adapt to the chemical changes. I hope you hang in there. Going back to eating sugar, junk and empty carb calories can’t possibly be a better option.

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How’s the amount of support you got and reply’s to keep you going. Pretty awesome! Good bunch here.

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Have you ever considered light, water and magnetism (grounding)? If not, consider checking out Sarah Kleiner, Jack Kruse or Sara Pugh. Circadian and circannual rhythms may need to be considered to get your body back into alignment. Diet works best when these things are considered.

Basically you want to see sunrise, UVA rise and sunset, with naked eyes (no contacts or sunglasses) and as much skin as possible to turn the clocks on in your body. There are apps for this, let me know if you would like suggestions.

Another consideration is blue light toxicity - how much blue light are you exposed to during the day and after sunset? Jack Kruse recently posted a study on his Patreon showing blue light alone causes blood sugar rises, without food consumption.

Also, if your sleep is right, the clocks in your body will send signals to dump the weight. if your sleep is not good, the body can’t do its job.

There is way more to this, but at the base level the light is the key.

Also, when I don’t eat carbs, I can’t sleep, not sure why, but each time I try it, I crash my sleep and weight loss. When I sleep, the weight comes off effortlessly. For me, sleep is the key, diet is lower on the list.

I love keto and recommend it, and can do it sometimes, but based on my age (mid 50s), it crashes my system if I do it too long.

This is not to say when eating carbs they can be any processed junk or sugar you can get your hands on, that will trash any system regardless. There are plenty of unprocessed carbs available for your location and season that will send the right signals to your body clocks of where and when you are on the planet.


Yep, I lost my sleep apnea condition within months, CPAP machine donated back to whomever needs it.

I shed 36% of my weight in total. Over a third- think about that.

Since then (68 kilos), I’ve maintained about 74 kilos which is fine and dandy with me.


I’m a big believer that mental factors, such as anxiety, despair, maybe even just generally worrying about the state of the world in general can greatly affect your physiological and physical health as well as your mental well being.

It’s well documented that cortisol hormone plays a huge factor within our metabolic health, maybe close but not just as much as a factor as insulin.

Exercise, socialising, relaxing, not watching the news 24/7, leaving the phone down or switched off, getting out into nature, talking things through…all these can be just as much as important as not eating any processed crap.

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@coopdawg. I completely agree about the mental factors. They just can’t be separated from our physical and emotional wellbeing.


Update: day 34 today! Seen my dad for the first time in 6 weeks. He’s always spot on and very quick to notice the slightest of change in anything. He NEVER ONCE asked me if I’d lost weight. I can normally lose 3lb and he will notice. So day 34 - no change in shape whatsoever, clothes feel tighter if anything. No energy and a feeling of complete frustration, depression and loss for ideas. I must’ve now spent near £1000 U.K. and don’t feel or look any different. This is crazy, time to go back on my anti-depressants I’m afraid :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


You are definitely doing something very wrong.


There is a sticky thread on here says…”Keto is this easy”
I’m DEFINITELY under 20 grams of carbs per day. So if “Keto is that easy” then I’m amazed at how poor my results have been. I’m normally a very very respectful guy but the amount of contradictory information out there blows my mind. If I’m under 20 grams daily then why the hell is this “easy” diet not working??


My guess is that you are scaring the ■■■■ out of your body. For some reason it’s holding on to everything it can. That usually happens with low cal diets, where the body fears that starvation is about to happen. I have not followed everything you and others have posted, so I have no idea what is causing this.


I’m eating more than enough calories, and DEFINITELY under 20 grams per day! “KETO IS THIS EASY” Let me tell anyone new to it…IT’S NOT!!


It is not to you - and I am not watching you 24/7 so I don’t know why.

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I stumbled into Keto … didn’t try very hard, made about a weeks worth of carb mistakes, went into ketosis and was losing weight by week 3 … Honesty IT WAS EASY.

For me it was not only easy, it felt natural! Sorry


Yeah, such a thing is capable to ensure my zero fat-loss per year :slight_smile: Why would our body want to shed fat if there is no reason at all? It seems it works for some people but of course not at all for others.

And why do you write about your food costs? You need to eat and it costs money, it can’t be helped. If you don’t want to spend more on keto food than on your previous normal food, don’t do it… Keto doesn’t need to be more expensive than your previous diet - though of course, some people are more sensitive, they may need more special ingredients, some are adamant to buy fancy stuff… But just doing keto and not even in an unhealthy way unless you have some special condition or extra diet rules or something? That’s not very expensive. I think mine is the cheapest I can possibly do without serious problems… Just because someone says you need to buy special items, you don’t necessarily need to do it. No matter how big of a guru they are :wink:

Don’t stress over it very much, that may affect your results too (and it’s not good anyway).

I never lost but it was easy, usually, for a while, when I finally was ready for it ;). I always thought “keto is easy” is for keto, not “fat-loss on keto”… :smiley: That’s another thing entirely.
But of course it’s hard or impossible for many people, we are different, after all…


I guess I’m the one that this “miracle diet” don’t work for. No weight loss, no energy, no better sleep, no change in body shape…”.just eat under 20 grams of carbs and watch the magic happen…”All it’s lead to is endless frustration and stress stress stress.


I fail to understand how anybody can be keto, very overweight and not lose anything (either weight or inches) in 34 days. You still haven’t told us what exactly you eat in a day and I totally fail to understand how or why you’ve spent £1000 :woman_shrugging:
I hope you’re having medical help with stopping and starting your medication.
Good luck for the future


Keto isn’t miracle or magic at all. And you are far from the only one, I probably wrote that a few times. Some people even gain fat, there is nothing strange in that, just keto isn’t enough to lose or maintain, it would be super odd if that would be the case. And energy is complicated too.
Do you know how much do you eat? It’s super easy to overeat, I can do it while doing my best eating as little (especially fat) as I can! It’s better now but I have lots of experiences now and I managed to change for the better.


I did what I thought was correct Keto! Only bought the very very best of ribeye, sirloin, every steak. Organic everything if possible, chicken, eggs, butter. I bought the best avocado, best organic oils, olive, mct, best salt everything!! Surely buying organic and grass fed/ finished is not a hurdle. I’m only eating the best of produce and until satiated, not stuffed!!
The stories I’ve read and the sticky on here of “Keto is this easy” pulled me in. I’ve since found out that there are many many reasons that this way of eating won’t help. Levels of stress, sleep disturbance, meds etc can all impact negatively!!
I’ve fell for an idle promise while being at my weakest emotionally. With hindsight Keto has done nothing positive for me but created many many negatives like stress and frustration I’ve never encountered in my life.