I quit!


Yeah, me too Shinita, but this was something else entirely.
Yes, it is nice sometimes to have a snooze after a meal, but we can’t do that at work in the UK.
(Maybe Spain, but not UK!)

This was involuntary narcolepsy!
My body and mind would simply switch off.

(Denise) #182

Wow, this was me, I finally realized I was having withdrawals from carbs when I’d get so tired at work about 3 p.m. Man, things have changed awesomely haven’t they!! I can still be doing things online, or around the house well up until about an hour of bedtime which I stop myself so I can relax a bit before I try to go to bed, then I still read for a time :wink:


It wasn’t that serious for me, I am very good at sitting with open eyes at a desk doing nothing. I nearly always did that until noon in the office, after all. I am NOT a morning person, more like a morning zombie. (But I often stayed long after others went home especially when there was a tight deadline. oh the peace… I needed that to work effectively.)
I even very rarely nap at home after lunch but when there is a need or desire and I can, why not?

(Denise) #184

I usually won’t sit down right away, because if I do, then I get stuck in that chair. I’ll do my dishes and that seems to spur me onto something else, a walk always helps me sleep better at night, instead of just sitting watching TV or staying in instead of some fresh air.

I do give into the chair sometimes but I always regret it. I do like to take a nap when I have my little mid-day snack after the gym. That doesn’t seem to bother my nights sleep unless I sit and watch tv too long after I eat my main meal.

(Denise) #185

There’s a thought, kind of a reboot?? :grin:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #186

That’s what I wondered… shock the body into something? and if you’ve tried everything else :man_shrugging:


This used to happen to my husband for a time. It was a phase but occurred frequently for almost a year and then just went away as he retired. We chalked it up to his last job, which was stressful.


I’m still in the same job, but I’m not narcoleptic after lunch anymore :smiley:

(Bacon enough and time) #189

What triggers fatty-acid metabolism is the absence of insulin. The easiest way to achieve low insulin is to avoid eating the foods that raise it the most. (What those foods are is left as an exercise for the reader.)


And to be fair… the first 30/40/50? years of his life didn’t trigger fat metabolism when he first went keto


This would indicate that there was some sort of loss

(Lisa) #192

I am also frustrated with my progress, or the lack of progress. I am five weeks in to the keto diet. After the first two weeks, I felt amazing…I was fasting for 20 hours a day (Coffee/water/bone broth only). I was waking up after only five hours asleep and felt energized. I even lost 8lbs in that first 2 weeks…And then it all stopped. I’m still fasting 18-20 hours a day, but feel tired and sluggish all the time. I keep losing and gaining the same 5lbs over the last three weeks. It’s so easy for me to gain 5-7lbs over night, but it takes an entire week or more to lose it again…only to have it come back in a few days. My clothes are not fitting any looser, my fasting blood sugars are higher to the point my doctor put me on Trulicity. I’ve never been on anything for diabetes other than Metformin. It feels like my health is deteriorating. What can I do differently?


First of all, what do you do know? What do you eat and how much?
5 weeks is a very short time, many of us spend way more time with tweaking and figuring out what works for us and what doesn’t. It’s great just doing keto is enough for many but the human body isn’t so simple and many of us need additional rules.


What do you eat? How much of what?

(Denise) #195

I agree with Velvet and Shinita in that I tracked my foods so I would know what my foods and how much would fuel me and allow me to lose a lb a week. Myfitnesspal was the easiest for me but you can pick from several online, or a phone app if you prefer.

This is only to get started, after you know pretty much how much you can eat, and getting your macros right is super important in my opinion to get you into ketosis. If you’re not tracking, then you are shooting blind imo.

(Luke) #196

Hi HKeto, I felt I had to comment again as I commented on one of your first posts encouraging you to keep going , not realising the stress/anxiety it was putting you through. This is only my advice, no expert here , but I would take a break from it…all the best. LP🇦🇺

(Edith) #197

I believe we have energy the first week or two of keto because we are using up the glycogen stored in our muscles. In that respect, we are still carb burning, using a fuel our bodies are used to. Once those glycogen stores are depleted, we have to start utilizing fat for energy. That is when the feeling lead-like and sluggish begins because our bodies have to learn to use the new fuel. That takes many weeks.

You have used up the glycogen stores and now adapting to fat burning, but I think the reason you are especially tired and sluggish now is because you are most likely not eating enough. I found that my hunger signals changed on keto. Your body may be telling you it needs more food, but you may not be recognizing the signals. I used to get shaky and headachy when I was hungry. Now I don’t “feel” hungry, but I will just get to the point where I can’t stop thinking about food.


All the best and success for your keto project!
Don‘t forget not to add extra fat to your diet as long as you want to loose your own. Dr Westman and Amy Berger are the only ones on youtube that urge everybody doing a simple keto without „the crazy“.
That will work, so no bulletproof coffee, nuts and fat bombs in the beginning🤗

(Denise) #199

First time I saw this post on “not” eating fat-bombs, nuts, and I didn’t do any bullet-proof coffee, but I began losing inches within the first few weeks. I needed extra help reaching my Fat intake so I used these things along with my meats, and kept my carbs about 40-50 and still lost weight every week.

So I guess it, again, depends on the person being able to keep that moderation in there.

(Bacon enough and time) #200

The key is to eat fat to satiety, not to stuff as much fat down our gullet as we can.

Myself, I found that eating to satiety meant eating more fat than I had been eating as a carb-burner, but I didn’t and don’t need to go out of my way to put fat on everything. Sometimes, if the fat has been trimmed off my steak, I’ll want to put a pat of butter on it, or put extra blue-cheese dressing on my salad, but I just go with what my body tells me it needs.