I quit!

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Hello, thanks for adding your insights. Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum. Glad you are sharing your journey.



Keep it simple; and reap the rewards!

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I want to refrain from giving you any advice.
But I am REALLY Curious… Who the heck were you listening to?
Rob Wolfe’s research showed that Grass Fed conferred a TINY benefit (and he WANTED to see a big benefit).
MCT? Ghee? Grass Fed Butter? Bone Broth?

Again… Whose advice were you following? It feels like you hobbled together every recommendation and put it all together. FWIW, that would be a horrible approach.

If you ever decide to do this again. Find ONE leader you resonate with (Dr. Boz, Dr. Berry, Dr. Berg, Dr. Baker, Diet Doctor). Read their thesis, Manifesto’s and follow ONLY them. Only one voice.

I am still stuck on how/why you got to 18 days of what sounds like a hobbled plan.
I am curious what books you’ve read (completely) on the topic?

finally, I did a quick scan of your posts and this topic in 90% of your activity.

If you want to read an OLD post of mine that details the things I discovered along the way.
Here it goes… But anything less than 30 days is really not trying.
no need to spend $ like you were spending.
But you do you!

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Just read through it. Wow! Thank you for putting all that in one place.


Hi, there! Sorry you’re struggling.

Firstly, stop buying such expensive stuff. No need. Just buy regular beef and pork. You can also buy chicken wings and, of course, eggs. Use butter and ghee. Anything that is pure butter is fine, and you can get whatever ghee is on sale. A lot of of ghees that are marketed to the Indian community are very reasonably priced. I also eat a LOT of full fat diary like sour cream, heavy whipping cream and full fat cheese. I also love pork rinds. I use them as crackers, as a crunchy snack and as “noodles” in my soup. Just make sure that they are not full of chemicals and are 0 carbs. My favorite brand is UTZ. I also use stevia as a sweetner. It’s controversial for some, but I have no issues with it. Every single day, I fill up a coffee cup with crushed ice, then pour about 1/2 c of heavy cream over it, mix it up, add some salt and then use flavored stevia. Butterscotch is my favorite. I have my “keto” ice cream each day as my treat.

Forget all of those supplements. You don’t need them. All you really need is salt. Make your own bone broth. I put all of the scraps of meat and fat and all of the bones from my food into a large baggie in the freezer. I just keep adding to the bag. When it’s full, I throw it all into a big pot, cover it in water, put on a lid and simmer it for 24 to 36 hours. I then strain it, season it and freeze it in either ice cube trays or small containers. I distribute the fat evenly. Don’t throw it away. You want it. I eat some sort of soup every single day, using that broth as the base.

When I first started Keto, about a week or so in, I felt like total crap. I felt horrid. But it was the “keto flu”. It’s when your body changes over from burning glucose to burning fat. Just realize it will end, and once it does, you’ll feel great. It took me about a month in to really feel good.

I used an app tracker for about a year or so called “carb manager”. It really helped me. All you really want to track is the carbs. Stay under 20 net carbs per day. Carb manager also helped me to get in enough fat. That was really difficult for me for the first few months. Now I only use it when I feel like I’m either going over on my carbs somehow, or if I’m worried I’m eating too much protein and not enough fat.

Basically, I think that you’re making it far more complicated, and expensive, than it needs to be. You don’t feel well because it’s working! I’m absolutely positive that you will feel better in a couple of weeks, if you stick with it. Good Luck!

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BOY do I know the feelings in this post…I have been on keto since January 2023 & I might have lost a total of 10 lbs at the most & it varies week to week.
Maybe you are healing? I am type 2 diabetic & it is naturally more difficult for us to lose weight on keto due to the insulin resistance…I know my body is healing because my A1C has lowered by half of what it was in January & has been slowly getting better.
I know how discouraging it can be to not lose weight…but just MAYBE your body is healing like mine is…don’t lose your tracks…you are on the right one…at least that is what I keep telling myself.

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You lowered your A1c by half? From 11 to 5.5? Or maybe 12 to 6? Either of those is amazing.

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OH my A1C was HORRIBLE…I was 14! and it’s now 7 slowly making it’s way down. I am embarrassed at what it was but I am a caregiver for others not myself & it was reflecting in my health clearly…I am finally looking out for myself in this dept & now I am managing my stress no longer w/ junk foods. I cannot even eat keto ice cream w/out throwing up these days lol. & for once I can say I am totally OK w/ that :).

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You should be – regardless of weight lost – proud of yourself. Do you know the damage you are preventing now by going from 14 to 7? It’s huge.

And to change your eating habits to lessen stress eating? Again, huge.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

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Thank you for the encouragement…it’s such a great help…im staying the course…I can’t go back the way things were it’s not good for family or me…your comment means so much…thank you…

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This is fantastic! Well done… still a work in progress, a little way to go, but you know what to do now… just keep it going. You most definitely are healing with this level of change… and I am sure that your body will start wanting to lose its spare fat soon, you just have to trust it and the process. It will happen! Best of luck, and well done again!

(Lauren G) #53

Oh Alec thank you so much!! It’s been a journey & I am excited how far I will go. I know I need to do this for myself & for my family. I even started teaching my boys about what a carb is & how sugar changes the body in a negative way…all in time I know I MUST be patient w/ myself…but I can definitely understand the frustration & disappointment in this original post…it’s so hard to see people dropping lbs so quickly. I just remind myself that I have to heal before I can do this & I am truly allergic to carbohydrates or I wouldn’t be a diabetic. I swear even the slightest carb & my stomach is miserable, I retain water even. I am learning & it’s because of places like this on the web & Doctors like Dr. Ken Berry & Dr. Cywes that has helped educate me on Youtube…my eyes are open now…it’s definitely an old habit to break. Thank you for your encouragement.

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Hey, I ignored my doctors pre diabetes warnings for years! That’s a big difference you made and it’s one that most UK doctors don’t expect. My doctor is still shocked by my last HbA1c … So two things, Don’t give up on the method and don’t ignore good advice :blush:

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WOW! your A1C is dreamy LOL I am working my way to it!! but it feels slowly…I am in TX, USA…and believe me they just want to medicate you here not educate you. Thank you for your comment, your A1C is inspiring!!


How much weight you lose how fast often also depends on how much you have to lose. If you are 200 pounds overweight, the initial weight will come off a lot faster than if you have 20 pounds to lose. In a way, this whole measuring by pound makes no sense at all. There is no comparing morbidly obese people with people who are somewhat overweight.

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Doctors mostly want to prescribe drugs and their patients want a quick fix so :man_shrugging:
Now whether is pressure from drugs companies or ignorance, I don’t know.
Most people will say Doctors, deep down, really want to help, I hope that’s true.

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unfortunately I am morbidly obese, but I am not losing fast mainly because I am still having to take insulin in the AM due to my dawn effect being HI. It’s improved but still HI & I have to take insulin. It really is a vicious cycle for me right now balancing food & insulin to stay in the 90-80s range w/ my glucose…even protein is causing my BS to raise & can be frustrating. I started fasting mainly in the evening because I have to eat after I take insulin in the AM but I am still struggling. Trying to teach my sugar crackhead body to use ketones as fuel & teach my liver to stop turning everything into glucose has been very difficult.


I was morbidly obese when I started, and it took some time to start losing. Once I did though, the weight came off in 20 pound or so batches, in spurts.

You may be surprised if you use a tape measure to measure yourself in various areas - weight also can just shift around at first, and flab can become denser, not affecting the scales but the circumference.

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OH man I cant wait till that starts happening!! well, I guess I have no choice but to wait but still!! Its worth the wait! I have noticed in my tops that I have curved in more on my sides in my upper body. But my limbs are still tight in my clothes & my stomach is still there lol But still very little change.