I quit!


Easy, because you want a result, and you can have it, but clearly what you’re doing isn’t working. So take that in your face messeage your body is telling you, and don’t go down the rabbit hole of insanity but doing the same thing and expecting a different results.

You don’t (have) to eat grass fed beef, load up on organs, drink a bunch of bone broth or consume a ton of sale. What you really should do is track what you’re eating, if you haven’t lost, you’re not at a deficit.

I ran into a HARD stall, for a long time while THINKING I was eating at a deficit, until I actually got it measured and realized how much I was over eating, it was BAD! When you eat a lot of fat, which has over twice the calorie density of carbs and protein, it’s VERY easy for that to add up.

No shortage of us do NOT have working hunger and satiety signals, and for us, not tracking is a guarantee of failure. I went and had it measured, but now there are apps that make that irrelevant and a waste of money. I use the MacroFactor app, which if you track accurately, it’ll figure out your TDEE after a couple weeks and you’ll be on your way. You can pick Keto as a WOE and it’ll recommend macro limits, or you can do it yourself. Once I actually saw how low my TDEE was and worked with those numbers, the scale started dropping after a VERY long time if staying still.

FWIW though, that’s very quick to assume you’d see a real change, for any dietary change, but in realtiy you should have seen something by now. Wheter you stick with Keto or not, you’re still going to want to lose, I’d strongly say give MacroFactor a try.

I was in the 250’s I think when I started with it, BF% around mid 20’s I think, I’m currently floating around 210lbs and my last DEXA has me back in the 10’s. I’ll never go without that thing!

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I suggest trying a fast. You are probably not fat adapted yet but 18 days you shouldn’t be miserable on 36 hours+ of water / electrolyte only fasting. This will absolutely insure you’re in ketosis, kick start weight loss, not trigger any food allergies, and it’s free! I typically maintain weight with keto and use fasting to drop.


No more “experts” for now.

Don’t fear fat = Eat the whole egg, not just the egg white. Eat the chicken breast with the skin on, not a skinless chicken breast

It doesn’t mean drink more fat on top of what you are eating normally with your protein.


When I read “I quit”, I thought I was going to read about how somebody quit sugar and processed foods.

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Ah that would be a good luck story Franko … this one is a harder nut to crack. eeeeek that’s me back on nuts again.


Well said. Some people do need extra fat, it depends on the person but many of us get enough fat from our protein sources.

@Hketo, you wrote you see losing even in 18 days on any other diets. Do you drink fat galore on those diets too? No wonder you don’t get success if you overdo fat and as really, just don’t follow experts without thinking over it, well trying is fine but if the advice doesn’t work, abandon it. There are so many experts saying different things (often different things than they said years ago) but even if one is so great and knowledgeable, we are all different and need our own style.
I overeat fat without BP coffee so I obviously never use that, it would be massive overeating for me… (And I don’t need a breakfast anyway.) But if it works for some others, good for them. Just don’t think that if you try keto in one style and it doesn’t work wonders right away, keto just isn’t for you. Maybe not or not yet, we can’t know that. But if drinking a lot of fat while doing keto doesn’t work, maybe stop doing that, not necessarily keto…
But if keto is new to you and too restrictive, maybe try low-carb as I did originally. maybe I hinted at it before, I don’t remember. I surely mentioned I went high-carb -> low-carb -> keto and it was smooth enough that way and got some success on low-carb. Not everyone need to go so low or not right away. It’s no good if you hate your woe, no wonder you are impatient then…

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I haven’t read through the thread, so I’m sure you got a lot of good feedback - even though you aren’t looking for it.

For what it’s worth, keto for my husband and I has been more economical than the way we used to eat. Junk food adds up and what was really expensive was all the take-out and restaurant food we were eating. Combine that with drinks (cocktails), tip and tax (25-28%), and the typical trip to a restaurant was no less than $60.

We purchase the cheapest cuts of meat. That seems to be pork and 73/27% hamburger, which luckily we love. We don’t take any supplements or do anything else special. Eggs are another staple and they are a good value. In the beginning, I ate three meals a day until my body said “no more.” Eating amply prevented keto flu for me and lack of energy. When I became fat adapted after about four months, I had all the energy I could want. For a long time, I eat generally once or sometimes twice a day and the food we eat is a pleasure.

Good luck to you. I hope you find something that works. Keto is always here if you ever decide to return.

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You joined this forum 4 days ago, you’ve read 42 minutes worth of material (including your reading of this thread), and it looks like you came on here just to announce you’ve quit.

If you are not a troll, and you really do want to lose some bodyfat, then I suggest you spend a few hours digesting the wisdom on these forums.

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I studied the YouTube videos too Hketo. I watched some of the ladies, a Dr. lady, Dr. Berg, and Dr. Berry. After doing that research, I dived in, taking into account that of all of them, Dr. Berrys’ approach seemed the right one - for me.
The only thing I’d learned from all of the others, is that (in MY opinion) Dr. Berg places too much emphasis on veggies. Perhaps he’s trying to straddle the middle ground, and not upset the “Big Biz” corps and others (Drs.) in that genre?
Anyway, I also hope you lose some weight. The diet is working very well for me too, as others have mentioned it works for them. Perhaps cut back on all of the veggies Dr. Berg talks of? That’s all I’ve got.
Dr. Berry emphasizes staying under 20 carbs, as does the Research Dr. Westman. Are you counting total carbs?
I wish you luck and hope you stay with it. I think this diet is different for each of us, and as another Commentor said, your gender can make a difference too. Dr. Berry also mentions this quite frequently.
Hang in there! The scale will move! I heard Dr. Berry say just today that if it moves a pound in a month, it should be considered good progress. Losing slower rather than faster is healthier.


Why are you wolfing down expensive supplements? Ketos all about real food and reducing the carbs :woman_shrugging:

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Exactly. I don’t want to be rude or criticise anyone’s approach but this forum is an amazing resource and goes back several years, they’ve seen it all.
Yes we are all different but not that different.
I think one factor in studying here and elsewhere for many hours is you learn who to trust.
The internet is mostly nonsense, you can find the worse lies without trying.
I’m happy to blindly follow advice here, but I still go away and study.
Yes, great wisdom here. Eg, Fat is not magic and it shouldn’t be feared :grin:


Indeed, this forum gives better material than the internet in general, IDK about experts as I don’t follow them but heard about problematic things and of course, they are humans too, often being super firm in their belief just because it worked for them but some even changes their mind abruptly.
The basics are pretty simple but how to do it and if we are exceptions and how to do it not just to be in ketosis but getting success and if it’s realistic to expect super big positive changes right away… That may be quite complicated (and the answer of the last one easily may be no).

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I’m sorry to hear keto didn’t provide for you what your body needs. I hope you find something that works for you. Maybe look into the paleo diet? I wish you all the best on your health journey.

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It is a slow process, but once you are in it, the benefits outweigh everything else. It took me 6 months (YES six whole months and this forum helped me tremendously) to get into it and before that it was awful - everything you say and more but I persevered. It a way of life, not a diet and with that in mind, you will most certainly do better. Ensure you take electrolytes regularly where salt is of the utmost importance. Give it another try and be optimistic. Discipline is everything.


@Why should I carry on?’

Only you can answer that.


Because your expectations are out of whack. You falsely believe that because you have spent 350 pounds on the “perfect Keto food” somehow this should guarantee you losing weight. 18 days hardly seems long enough to test. I would suggest a different approach.
Go get a blood test and a Dexa Scan. These will measure your blood and body composition pre-keto. Buy a blood ketone device and measure every day for two weeks. Keep a food journal. Intermitting fasting can also help. Good luck

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Imo keep it simple … unless you are an analystic type of person. When i started Keto May 2020 i didn’t use keytone measuring devices or buy expensive food, i did however track what i was eating on Cronometer just to ensure i was under 20 carbs a day… it can easily creep up! I was in it for health benefits rather than weight loss however in the first 2 weeks i think i lost about 5kg! And i wasn’t trying. I did find it easy to eat Keto but i got hung up on making stuff i thought i needed but didn’t, like fat balls. Oh dear when i got on to them i binge ate them… i am an all or nothing girl and i seriously got addicted to them big time…and some weight crept on. Then i saw the ZC thread and got very interested in that as i knew it would suit my body and lifestyle. As soon as i started the cravings disappeared and i didn’t feel the need to track every morsel… freedom at last. Now i eat what i want when i want, no thought has to go into it, i buy the cheapest, mostly reduced meats … even the cheapest of beef burgers so long as it states no additives. Life has become such a breeze. The only thing I do make sure of is that if i am going to be eating out i either plan where to eat that will cater for ZC or go to a cafe that makes omelettes or all day breaksfasts so i can choose sides like sausage, bacon and eggs. Delhi’s are a big no no as they only offer stuff i don’t eat. So how easy is that? If you want to make it hard work or expensive by all means carry on but i have found this the most simple and effective way to eat AND the cheapest as i have no food wastage!

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My simple word for you is that you were doing it in wrong way! You watched too much videos, too much guides, too much information than you actually need, that’s why you failed. Avocado, redmonds are not the good starting food at all!!
Red animal fats are what you need only! That’s quite simple.

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I sympathise with you , but you are expecting, maybe, too much too quickly and not looking at the long haul .
Buy yourself a keto meter maybe the breath one you can tell just by blowing into it if you’re in ketosis or not .
Maybe you’re eating too fast , many people just try to get as much food into their body at once and don’t let it tell them to stop eating.
I am one of those people!
So you sit in front of a plate of delicious food determined to eat it all claiming , through past programming that you must eat it all.
Forget that and put a fork full in your mouth and eat slowly your mind will tell you “it’ll get cold” most of us have a microwave.
So how long does it take to eat a meal? 5 minutes 10 minutes? Longer ? Maybe time yourself at every meal turning the focus on to lengthening the time , until your stomach sends that message, naturally to your brain “ I’m feeling full” and you stop eating - no matter what’s on your plate.
Just say keto works you’re just having focus issues
If you expect a miracle it won’t happen . Stick with it don’t lose heart . Pete
I just want to add i between mouthfuls sip your favourite drink or water .
And wether you can eat it all or not always leave something on your plate . Don’t be scared of wasting food it’s your money. Above all don’t stress about food it won’t hold it against you!!! It’s about your mental relationship with food . Once it’s got past your teeth it’s chemicals to your body.

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I know you’ve had a lot of replies, and maybe you won’t see this, but I’d still like to offer a bit of advice.

Eating should never cause you stress. I have binge eating disorder, and any diet used to derail me because I would obsess over everything and thus stress myself out and that would lead to a binge. Eating should never cause you so much stress.

Keto isn’t for everyone. There are so many different ways to do Keto - and by that, I mean levels or subsets. Some can eat under 100 carbs a day and do great; others need under 80, or under 20. Some people need to go ketovore or (like me) true carnivore. I’ve spent almost 20 years trying to get my weight under control. I’ve tried every diet. I know you Saif 18 days on any other diet and you would have lost weight, but I can tell you from personal experience that isn’t always true.

I would urge you not to give up, because there are things you can adjust. It’s a process, through and through. We have to figure out what works best for us as an individual person. I would suggest reading “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung - this was my “Aha!” moment, truly. It all made sense when I read it. I’d also suggest watching some of Dr. Ken Berry’s videos on YouTube, as well as Dr. Robert Kiltz. There is a series on YouTube they were involved in called Reversed that was very good as well.

In the last month I’ve discovered I can’t tolerate veggies. Like, at all. Dr. Kiltz has a fantastic explanation on his website about veggies and lays out the BEBBIS method. I’d be happy to share more with you, if you’d like; I’ve lost 9 pounds since 5/25 and I’ve not spent a penny more than I would have before.

I sincerely hope you will continue to explore how eating best works for YOU as an individual, and I’ll gladly help if I can. Just shoot me a message.