I quit!

(Pete A) #61

Good luck finding a way of eating and losing fat that works for you.

No matter what keep it simple :muscle:


Maybe @PaulL can help explain the morning spikes. I never did measure.

(Bacon enough and time) #63

I’ll try. It’s called “dawn phenomenon” and is apparently completely normal. Evolutionarily, it appears to be a mechanism to make us ready to fight cave bears and sabre-toothed tigers immediately upon wakening. It is also related to the overnight fast, I believe, since ketones are lower in the morning, having been used all night, and the higher glucose may be provided for energy to get us started on the day.

It also depends on what you mean by a “spike.” Going from 90 or so to 110 or so isn’t really a spike. Going from 90 to 140–now that’s a spike! Bear in mind as well that given the limit of accuracy of most home meters, readings of 90 and 110 could easily represent the same actual glucose level.



I hope the mods on here don’t mind; I’m just posting a scale, so Brits, Yanks, and the rest of the World can understand each other, about T2.

Thank you.

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Mine is most definitely a spike & usually is around 3am. I am wearing a CGM on my arm, the Libre3 & I absolutely love it. I guess I am saber-toothed tiger mode full throttle LOL I wake at 530am & as I start moving around it continues to rise until I take insulin…then I have to eat because it causes my sugar to drop steadily down pretty fast. I cant seem to get it under control w/out insulin yet. & insulin is keeping me from losing the weight…hence the vicious cycle…but it is improving.


Lauren, this is above my pay scale (not that I get paid!).

I was T2, not anymore.
My best friend had cronic panceratitus, which ruptured…so I know a wee bit about it.
He’s insulin dependant now.

But me, I was T2; not anymore.

There will be people on here whom can advise you. Good luck!

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I wonder what would happen without the insulin. Your serum glucose might actually settle better. Maybe.

Also, have you tried metformin instead of insulin? It has a lot fewer effects on the rest of the body.

Just food for thought.

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@coopdawg an HbA1c of 14…isn’t even on that chart. Over 340 in US units.

@laurenaGketoT2 What does your morning spike look like? Have you tried things like Apple Cider vinegar + water before going to bed (known to reduce the spike) or eating earlier (it that’s possible for you)?

(Edith) #69

I’m curious, what does your blood sugar spike to at 3am?


Hi mate,

From memory.
52 (Brits HBA1c scale) is diabetic.

From memory, I think 48 is pre diabetes.

Thanking the Maker, last time I got my bloods I was 37 marked.

(Lauren G) #71

The dr put me on mounjaro…im taking full dosage now into my 2nd week this week…it helps with appetite but i am not seeing much help with glucose levels…I think my diet has been the fixer NOT the mounjaro. I go to bed w/ a BS of low 100’s…it literally spikes to low 200’s then rises more when i wake & start moving around. I attempted the no insulin one weekend & it stayed steady HI even w/ -0- carbs being eaten & chasing my kids all over…I tried metformin in the past & it caused a ton of upset stomach issues, so I was taken off by my endo. I swear I stop eating anything by 6pm if I do eat in the evening…I have actually been fasting my dinners & I still wake w/ HI BS. I think my liver is just refusing to create ketones & insists on turning everything into sugar lol I have a very boring & strict diet too, mainly because cooking 2 meals for me & for family is exhausting when I also work full time & kids are still very young.

(Lauren G) #72

I fall asleep in low 100s & it rises by 3am to 200’s. After I wake at 530 & start moving it continues to rise. I dont want to take insulin till i am able to eat & that’s around 730am when i have eggs & sometimes bacon, or a protein shake. by then before my meal it is mid 200s & i have to take like 40 units just to get it down to mid 100s usually after meal & insulin.

(Bacon enough and time) #73

Wow! You may need to cut carbohydrate entirely for a while, until your metabolism gets back in shape. Unless something else is going on. Have you been checked for a tumor of the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus?

(Lauren G) #74

@ctviggen it’s low 100s if i eat & 90s if i do not eat dinner. it jumps to 200’s by 3am & then continues to rise when I wake & start moving. I havent tried ACV yet because it burns my stomach even w/ water mixed in. But i am seriously starting to think I need to.
I wasnt kidding that my A1C was horrible…it truly was…

@PaulL I havent been checked for tumors; but years of being diabetic ruins your metabolism that is for certain…I am practically carnivore these days w/ my diet. I practically live off of eggs lol

New to this site & didnt know i can only do a certain amount of replies before I have to wait 30 min. lol

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That goes away very quickly. Just be patient.

(Lauren G) #76

thank you everyone for your input & for taking the time to respond…it’s so helpful

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Some other things that might help. Take a short walk after dinner. This SHOULD reduce your blood sugar, which – one would hope – could lead to less blood sugar in the morning.

If you drink alcohol, I’d be interested to see what happens to morning blood sugar if you have a drink at night.

The 200s is quite high. Mine goes up too, but it’s more like to over 100, not 200. But I’m hoping that will come down over time too.

(Edith) #78

My sister-in-law developed Type I diabetes in her 50s and has a hard time controlling her blood sugar unless she exercises. She says exercise is key. Maybe like Bob suggested, get a good walk in after dinner?

I read or heard somewhere that when we exercise our muscles do not need insulin to use glucose. I think that’s why it helps my sister-in-law with her blood sugar control. I’m guessing that what is happening with you is that you are so insulin resistant that when your body naturally releases muscle glycogen during the early morning to prepare for the morning wake-up, your body can’t use it.

I hope that things improve for you over time. There are many members on this forum who are testament to the power of eating this way.

(Lauren G) #79

Any exercise is a good idea lol


I would stay away from the beef liver pills. They can mess you up big time. It’s easy to get a vitamin toxicity from them. I became numb in my feet and hands. Dove deep into researching the actual nutrition and what could possibly be in them as well as others feedback I tossed them in the trash. Two days later I felt so much better. Keto can give people anxiety. Well, not keto, but people warning you of all the deficiencies you can get. Electrolytes so you have to take this. Vitamin this so you need to eat this. I didn’t lose any weight cause I was eating all this crap articles and YouTube doctors were telling me to eat. I literally ended up in the hospital with what I thought was an electrolyte imbalance. All my stats and vitals were perfect. The doctor said to just relax the body knows how to regulate things. I drink two Atkins shakes (I know, I know, but I love them and keto chow is so dang expensive!) Three eggs with bacon. I mix up a little cream cheese with a bit of Choc Zero’s strawberry preserves to have a toast taste. Then for dinner some red meat I found that was manager special markdown. Or a Dave’s double without the bun if I’m being lazy. Oh and tons of Redmonds Real Salt. I carry some with me everywhere. If I feel a little off or get a heart flutter (comes from dehydration) I swig down anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 a tsp. Do not and I repeat do not put it in water and drink it all day! You will be running for the toilet. If you don’t have high blood pressure or a kidney problem don’t worry about your salt intake. I also take two magnesium glycine at bed to relax. Don’t snack all day and try to have your last meal at 7.