I follow Dirty Lazy Keto: my way

(Roberta Worley) #41

One thing’s for sure and for certain: if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Keep up the good work and remember to not let others rent space in your head for free!

(Butter Withaspoon) #42

That sounds aweful MischiefDM! I hope your recovery is going well. What a huge shock that must have been!

(Ivy) #43

I agree commendable/good to share it. I didnt do enough or good enough research before keto, probably so much that I didn’t get to express myself here the way I should have.

Im almost 2 weeks in and putting recipes together only started today.
Had always been having things plain!!!

I woke up with options that widened from my usual plain food groups smacked together:

  1. tamales in the freezer, accompanying colby jack in the fridge
  2. fathead pizza ready-to-cook --Tried it, but without the suggested toppings, so just cream 3. cheese/butter and half a drop of sundried tomato paste, so Ill try again
  3. bacon sauce - topped - leeks
  4. chocolate avocado mousse --Tried it, but Ive had it before, but so refreshing
  5. baby kale with blue cheese dressing —sooo good
  6. Chuck roast with 1 carb steak sauce, black garlic, shiitake mshm powder, duck fat --great!
  7. Flaxmeal in melted coconut oil and goat cheese, with stevia --great
  8. BPC with extra cream, little stevia, cold this time – great

I hope to try alot more recipes. Hope others might share this as a goal as a newbie
I kindof fit snacks into my meals. Is that bad?


There’s a mountain on the horizon. The goal is the summit. Between where you stand and the goal is sparsely mapped. The direction is clear. Find your own way. Maybe you will draw the best path.