I broke the first rule of fasting!

(James storie) #61

I guess I’m officially starting now too, although I might have one more cup of coffee with CREAM!

(Dustin Cade) #62

I’ve had coffee with cream today and some broth with cream… I’ve been on the road for two days between taking the family to an out of state concert and an opposite side of the state rugby tournament… So loads of driving no eating

(James storie) #63

I drive a truck for a living, so when I get in the fasting groove it’s pretty easy! I just have to resist the smoked sausages at the truck stops!

(Kathy L) #64

You maybe pleasantly surprised-I was! Good luck!

(eat more) #65

what she said :blush:

(Kathy L) #66

Have you tried broth with/butter? Delish

(Sascha Heid) #67

Some crocs eat only once a year, when the migrating heards cross their river.
They don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about that.

(Dustin Cade) #68

so I have finished both my first 48 hour and 72 hour fasts, feasted last night with some steak, half a @Brenda Waffle w/Garlic and cheese mixed in, some fried eggs and fried cheese… truly was a feast… after a few days I will cycle through again… Looking forward to seeing the results.


Hi everyone on this fasting and dog worshipping thread. Richard I’m sorry about your dog - may he not suffer – all of our good vibes are flowing your way.

I was so happy that my 3 day fast went so well last week and then I stayed solidly in ketosis during a 4 day tandem cycling event on the Maryland shore. Hubby and I rode 100 miles in cold, windy, partly flooded conditions - and I was fasted the whole time. That night had the greatest feast on steak, ahi tuna, cheese. Fasting feels like this new super power (I know that’s not an original thought and i probably plagiarized the words too). I feel less anxious about staying in ketosis - knowing that I can whip out my fasting strategy when my ketones drop below 1.0

(Arlene) #70

Wow, Pug you must really enjoy biking. My tailbone complains big time when I try to bike. Also my feet fall asleep. What’s up with that?


My ass was grass… grass I was trying to dissociate from! The tailbone is the part that has to get broken in anew each season. I’ve had my seat measured and fit just for me and it’s still a pain after a couple hours. Our 100 miles took us about 7 hrs- lots of wind to contend with but the basic fact is I am slow slow slow.

Feet falling asleep? I don’t know what that’s about-- does it happen to you also when driving a car or sitting in a chair or is it only cycling? Are your cycling shoes the right fit?

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(Arlene) #72

My feet also fall asleep when I’m on a treadmill. Weird huh? I can walk out on the road with no problem. Same shoes, different apparatus. When I have gone to a gym, the recumbent bikes cause the same issues as regular bikes. I can’t figure it out.
Oh, and no I don’t have any issues with my feet falling asleep anywhere else.

(eat more) #73

your whole foot or just the balls/toes?

mine fall asleep on stair “steppers” and elipticals because i’m on the front part of my foot the entire time to complete the movement…maybe you’re doing that on the bike/s?

treadmill…some ppl change their form between regular walking and treadmill walking without realizing it
if not that…maybe regular walking there are variations in terrain (even if undetectable to the eye) and the treadmill is constant terrain?

(Arlene) #74

Definitely just the balls of the feet.

(eat more) #75

i’m not super educated on pedal form but maybe you can bike more comfortably with very small corrections…if you like biking otherwise that is LOL


Dont want to come across as a know-it-all, or worse, an alarmist, but do your calves get really tight too? The reason I ask is that I have chronic compartment syndrome in my calves and when I exercise my feet go numb; my calves also get so tight and rock hard that I just want to grab a knife and stab myself in the legs to relieve the pressure. Back in the days after my first surgery when I’d persevere with exercise I’d get home and lie down with my feet up in the air for 30mins to drain the blood out of my muscle compartments. Long story short, this condition started out very mildly but worsened over the years and took a very long time to diagnose (lots of doctors and physios and lots of poor advice, unfortunately). Dont want to alarm you, but worth getting this looked at. Perhaps start by going to a podiatrist and see what they say; hopefully it turns out to be nothing, but would be good to nip it in the bud early. Could be you simply require a slight correction and orthotics may do the trick. Hope you get to the bottom of it quickly, I can certainly relate to how frustrating it is when it happens!! :blush:

(Arlene) #77

Thanks, but my calves never have any issues, only the balls of my feet, and only on bikes, treadmills, or eliptical machines. Now I just walk outside on real ground, rather than a machine.

(Mary 🌹 ) #78

I am down to 129.4…I am on my second 10 day fast. I feel GREAT. NOT HUNGRY! Health is the Same. I am 63!.


Good…you had me a little worried there. :slight_smile:

(Mary 🌹 ) #80

I read The Complete Book of FASTING!
FASTING has made me much healthier!