I broke the first rule of fasting!


I talked about it… I have read all of these stories about why it is a HORRIBLE idea to mention this in a social circle but I just had to touch the hot stove like a moron. Welp… I got an intervention last night from my friends about how horrible it is.

Luckily I have done enough research and read the stories that I was armed for the impromptu battle! One buddy told my your body cannot survive without carbs and I laughed. I told him I have been carb free since September and this is a guy I jog with most mornings :joy:

Luckily I will be the topic for a day or two then they will be over it. They all have been so proud of my weight loss over the winter and happy I have been running and hitting the gym with them. But When they find out 8 months later it is because of Keto and controlled fasting all hell breaks loose! At the end of the day I could careless, I really appreciated their concern as friends but asked them to respect my decisions as it has been Dr. supervised and I have done tons of research. Now off for my 4mi fasted jog around the lake with my pupper whom I have to share a picture of because he’s pretty darn cool!

(Final thoughts/recap as I reach the end) Time To Try An Extended Fast! 21 Days or Bust

Dammit! I can only give you one like for this post. Awesome story and congrats on your successful journey to better health. And I reckon in a few more months you may convert your friends into the notion that keto and fasting are perfectly safe. You have planted the seed.

(eat more) #3

3 likes for you, 5 likes for the pupper (nothing personal…dogs are just always awesome LOL)

(Patty W) #4

Looks like Keto & fasting agrees with you! Keep up the great work & feel free to continue sharing gratuitous pictures of your cute pooch!:blush:


I agree! He will sit in my lap like that all day, he’s my Sunday brunch wingman!

(eat more) #6

fancy…my dogs are only going to get their nails trimmed today…don’t let them hear about puppies at brunch!


You will make converts out of them yet!
Keep calm & keto on!

(Bacon for the Win) #8

the first rule of fasting is…don’t talk about fasting :wink:


What an adorable doggo! Sorry to hear your friends weren’t more supportive. I’ve told most of my nearest and dearest about low carb but keep fasting close to my chest, I’ll sometimes fess up to skipping meals because I’m not hungry but to anyone following a “standard” diet going for even half a day without food is completely alien. My partner is a natural IFer but I used to freak out at him for having effed up eating habits because my hunger was completely carb driven and I didn’t get it…now I do and I’ve eaten a lot of humble pie.

(eljay716) #10

Its utterly amazing no one says a word when you stuff yourself with pizza, ice cream candy and all the other junk but mention Keto and fasting and they all have an opinion of how horrible you are to your body. Psst


I just hung out with them again and nobody mentioned it. I was happy they respected my decision

(Mary 🌹 ) #12

Yes…only after its over…:+1:
I finished a 10 day fast lately (removing a lot of visceral fat) and I kept quiet at work and on Facebook. I had a really nice support group on Facebook, “Keto after 40 and beyond”! Even in that group, I kept quiet! The myths are alive and well on planet earth.
By the way…from Easter…I am down 2 more pounds!
It was a success and I have retained the LOSS!


Sounds like a pretty decent bunch of mates you’ve got there!!

(Michelle) #14

So glad that you showed them you are living proof that you CAN survive without carbs!! You will not shrivel up and die.

Great post, thanks for sharing. :heart: the puppers!!

(Arlene) #15

Beautiful “pupper”. I’ll bet he just loves to go for jogs with you. It’s obvious you are best friends. Don’t you just love pets!

(Sheri Knauer) #16

Cute pup! I’ve got 4 myself. Happy fasting! I started one too last night and I actually made it through the night without stuffing carbs down my throat, lol. And am working out now all withoutcarbs and food. GASP!!

(Arlene) #17

Yes, lunacy! It is as though we are trying to convince everyone that our flat world is actually round.

(Dustin Cade) #18

I am starting my first fast, going to try for 36 to 48ish hrs… started after dinner last night, will try and make it to dinner tomorrow night…

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #19

Kinda hard to argue with your success, and you have not died from no carbs since last fall. Good friends will accept what works for you and it sounds like they have. Keto on!


Bahrutile - let us know how your fast is going!