I broke the first rule of fasting!


oh I love them when their little eyes are still shut!! If I had some puppies this fast would be a cinch! Puppies cure everything. Re:my fast - this is witching hour now - tired end of workday, going home - have to do something away from kitchen. Oh I know - I have to pack for our cycling trip. Sorry for this trivia folks - thinking aloud about getting thru this. I am eager to get to Day 3 – I’m really hoping it is EASY peasy. Trying to bulk up my fasting muscles and gain confidence in this.
over and out - I’ll check in tomorrow.

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omg a billion likes for this (no longer) little nugget with the daintily crossed legs! :heart: :feet:

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Made it to 3 days fasted - truly it was my mind that was the biggest obstacle. Nsv to have driven 7 hrs next to husband who was eating whatever he wanted and to not have eaten and it really wasn’t too bad.

On my iPhone and it’s not showing me as Sarah Pug which on my desktop at work it had.


Day 3 is the hardest! I feel your pain!


ok now on my iPad I show up as me. Ketones 2.4 today so that’s great. Now I will track my food as best I can at this cycling event (Eastern Tandem Rally in Maryland). Not hungry which continues to amaze me. I’m beginning 9 wks keto after years of self directed fits and starts. I’m working with a health coach and virtual group meetings of her keto clients which apparently I need- I do better with a lot of structure and sense that I’m not alone in this despite feeling of being a radical in a carbosoaked world and culture. And being married to a super fit cyclenut who can maintain his beautiful form eating healthy plus periodic SAD (McDonalds always on a long car ride, beer with cycle friends, pizza and ice cream at least weekly).

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Bahrutile–did you complete your fast?


I am still going strong! Day 12 today. I don’t have any fun updates because fasting is just another day now

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I got tierd of watching you shrink. Couldn’t let you do it alone so I joined the crazy train. :joy: just which I had started 2 years ago too.

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I’m 2 days into a spontaneous 3 day fast. I seem to be doing this more often, waking up just not hungry and just keeping going not eating and cruising over the 24 hour hump.

I’m afraid we may be in our last week with BlackDog. He had 2 violent seizures last night and is in the vet hospital. You probably won’t see me around too much this week. :frowning:

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@richard So sorry to hear about BlackDog. :cry:

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I did get through 48 hours, the first 24 were the hardest, I’m going to cycle into a 72 hour fast… I’m like 5 hours in… Looking forward to this… I’ll be in the car a lot the next few days so I’m sure that will help!

@richard my thoughts are with you and your family :heart::heart::heart:


Sorry to hear that @richard praying for the best!


Poor ol’ Black Dog. Sending out good vibes xx

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That’s the only drawback to owning pets, you get so close yet their lives are so short compared to ours. My boxer is almost 12, we’ve had her since she was 4 weeks old! I’m going to cry like a baby when she goes.

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That sucks…and so soon after Blue, too. :cry: So sorry you have to go through this!

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sending love to all of you.

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Ja, it’s true. You just can’t be telling people what you are doing, until after it’s done and dusted. Even then, they still can’t handle it.

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Yep - my husband would ROLL his eyes and I’m sure “not approve” of me fasting. But I just snuck one in when he wasn’t looking! 72 hrs! Have no intentions of telling him either!

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I’m 53 hours into a 72 hour fast, I’ve been to two different restaurants and sat with the family for dinner… They are having steak… That’s not unusual for us but still… Tomorrow at 4pm I’ll have a small snack and have dinner with my family!

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I’m one hour into my first fast :grin: I’m excited to see how it goes.