I broke the first rule of fasting!

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I’m about 18 hours in, so far so good!

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This has nothing to do with fasting, but so long as we are sharing puppy pics, check this handsome beast out. And yes, in case you’re wondering - he has his own Instagram. @boomgoesthedoodle


I’m about 22 hrs in and was struggling when i asked you. Then I had a client meeting for an hour and lo and behold now when i reply I am doing better. I had anticipated that going home now after a long day at work that it would be a struggle but now I’m thinking that was an assumption based on being hungry earlier. The fact is that I don’t know. I’ll just ride it out if it’s hard, knowing it will get easier and maybe it won’t even be hard. This mental stuff seems to be the trickiest. The just don’t eat thing - that’s simple

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i think for me the idea of fasting is harder than fasting… Food is a huge part of my life and being hungry too… so i’ve been keto over 7 months, i’ve put off fasting for long enough, its time to just do it!


Good luck & you got it! Ask questions if you need to!

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Hardest part is I’m the cook, I’m making dinner and snacks… But I don’t get to eat them…


You are a better man than me! I could never do it!

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The smells are killing me…

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How do you give MORE than ONE like??


this system only allows you to give one like

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This reminds me of me 2 years ago, now half my family and some friends from church are keto! I’ve become the advice man!

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yep, I couldn’t do that. Nope, no way. They’d have to fend for themselves.

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Oh it’s a dog thread - this is a random photo of our only remaining dog “Blackdog” that google photos decided to randomly “improve”

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we really should have a dog thread.

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two hungry teens after rugby practice and a Nurse after a 4 day stretch… I just had to suck it up… it will be good for me in the long run to be able to control my desire for food…


Pug checking in here. As my name and profile indicate I"m a dog person, too. One pug and one alternative pug. Last evening I walked them as a good distraction from food. Day 2 now - on my non-lunch break - I’m going to go walk after fortifying myself with this here thread. I want to use the time that used to be eating in ways that are nurturing - not just getting tasks done. The paperwork will always be there.

Bahrutile - how’s it going> How many days are you aiming for? Me I’m going for 3. Hubby and I are driving 6 hours tomorrow to go to a cycling 4 day event (we ride tandem) and I want to NOT do eatertainment in the car. I’m counting on Day 3 being easier - that seems to be what most folks report. My husband is supportive of my WOE. He is a serious cyclist and has a metabolism like the one I had back in my 20’s when I ran track, cross country, marathons and ate several bowls of ice cream just about every night. I accept that that’s not true anymore and tell myself I’ve eaten enough ice cream etc. to last a lifetime.


Aw - two cool and cute dudes. Way to go. x

2 Lurchers, 1 Deerhound and a French Bulldog

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:joy: :dog:

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My goal for this fast is 48 hours, next week I’ll try 72, think I might try alternating 2 and 3 day fasts with 2 and 3 day feasts… Try that for a bit, see if I can stick to it…

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Great thread! Dogs and fasting are a wonderful combo! :grinning: Love dogs but, alas, hubby and I are both allergic. Karma, our standard poodle, to the rescue! Here she is one week old with her breeder. That was many moons ago.