I am THEEEE WORST KETONIAN (trigger warning)

(Mike W.) #21

I’m sorry. What is a “heavy period RN?”

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Right Now, I presume.

(Mike W.) #23

Oh. I thought maybe it was a drink.

(Candice) #24

OMG! No!!:joy:

But earlier this year I had an extremely heavy - 60-days long, two trips to the ER couldn’t stop, blood pressure dropped to 70 - period that Keto fixed in three days.

(Candice) #25

Epiphany - “a few berries” are allowed. That doesn’t mean “buy two pounds of Costco strawberries and keep eating them because they probably won’t keep/won’t be as beautiful tomorrow,” because THAT leads to a three day free-for-all.

Starting over this morning

(Ilana Rose) #26

I think there are lots of us here that struggle with certain keto approved food types. Basically our appetite doesn’t see any daylight between them and the carby foods that used to trigger bingey eating before keto. I have this with nuts, nut butters, and a lot of dairy items. After a year and a half of trying to “do better” I realized that the only solution for me was to place those foods firmly in the “not for me” category and I never bring them into the house anymore. My weight loss has been massively spurred on by this decision.

(Candice) #27

Thanks so much, everyone for your contributions. I am re-reading each of them.

This morning, my coworker came in with a full bag of chips ahoy. I had already had a keto breakfast, and when she offered me one, I ran to my car to get my bulletproof hot chocolate.

Then, later in the afternoon, I felt really — not hungry, but like I might be persuaded to eat something — I went and got a bacon cheeseburger with no bread and an avocado from home. I think I’ll be set for the day.

UPDATE- at the end of the day, I was having some thoughts of Doritos. Then I remembered it might be a craving. Took salt. I think I’m good for the rest of the night


Good job for sticking to your guns today. It’s not easy when things keep presenting themselves. Keep it up!

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This could easily go in the “What did you (re)learn today?” thread :slight_smile:

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I just ate three tbsp of butter and half a stick of cream cheese (mixed with sugar free DARK chocolate ganache and swerve!!!) :joy: yum!!

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Good thing you blurred it, the “all fight, all the time” crowd would be all over you otherwise :slight_smile:


Candice, you gave a trigger warning in your title, list ALL the things in bold!

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“Not low carb = carb”


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Swearing off artificials was not even on my radar. You just put it there. This may be exactly what I need.

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:purple_heart: thx

Just figured out how to use the quotes ! :blush:

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Thank you

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I did something similar. If anyone tries to push carbs on me, I start talking about some trumped up gross “digestive issue.”

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I’ll have to get that BOOK!!

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Mine needs to be “Massively spurred on”

Thank you

(Candice) #40

This thread has helped me realize that whenever I have a naughty food thought, I need to take immediate corrective action.

I have to avoid some places ( not only while hungry, because I can’t always feel when I am hungry)

If I am having a passing thought of Doritos or a fruity sweet drink , I have to intake salt and avoid Wawa.

If I’m thinking about chocolate, I have to make sure I have taken my magnesium and go home and make a sugar-free chocolate dessert. Avoid stores.

This past month has been GREAT, as far as adherence. And I can tell I’m getting better in my practice. I thank all of you who listened/read or contributed.