I. Am. So. Frustrated!


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Ah – fair enough. But does this work likewise when you eat out?

I find eating out is one of the most common leaks everyone has. I had one family member who had two heinz ketchup packets he wasn’t recording as part of his no-bun hot dog. (And of course 2 packets added 10 carbs)

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for sure! it’s only been drilled into our heads practically from birth…hard to make it be quiet

i experimented and didn’t track or weigh at ALL for 7 days. (sunday to sunday of last week).

i went back to tracking yesterday because i have a tendency to undereat…(now don’t freak out ppl) but there are so many more interesting things to do other than eat…not because i don’t like eating…i just get distracted or think other things are more fun and “i’ll eat later” LOL

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Hi @yayhowfun - So, to get unfrustrated, you will do these things? [quote=“yayhowfun, post:1, topic:13227”]
I’ll also cut out all dairy for the next 2 weeks and see if there’s any improvement there.
If that doesn’t work, I’ll take eggs out and see if that’s the issue. (LeAnn Vogel says they can be a culprit.)

And also start tracking your macros again? Are you doing anything different with working out? How is your sleep?

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embarrassingly or happily?..
i have only had one meal that i didn’t prepare myself in 6+ months.
a bunless cheeseburger from the Habit which was easy to remember and track…it was good too! LOL

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Wow! You’re a dietary rockstar!!!

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Hey girl!
I decided against zero carb. I need salad in my life. However, I’ve cut all cheese, and majorly reduced HWC. I only have it when there’s no coconut oil to be found for my coffee. :slight_smile:

I started tracking my macros again yesterday!

My workouts are the same and my sleep is the same. Even pre-keto, I’ve always slept well and had great energy throughout the day, so no changes there.

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i wish…i just usually like my food better and i know exactly what is in it.
that was not the case pre keto…but i can tell you how many calories are in a taco bell taco :joy:

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@daveketo @mikki
question - and really, a question for everyone!
How do you log things that don’t have packaging? I’m not so worried about things like celery, lettuce, etc - I use the most accurate ones I find on MFP for that.

I buy grass fed beef and sugar-free pastured bacon from a farm in Utah. I’m not sure exactly how lean the ground beef is, for example. It seems pretty lean when compared to most ground beef - maybe 10-15% fat, but I could be totally off the mark. For the bacon, I found another brand of sugar-free bacon on MFP and log that instead. I’ve purchased that one before and the slices seem to be about the same thickness, so fingers crossed it’s close enough.

I’m also going to roast a chicken (or a chook, as Richard calls it) tonight or tomorrow, so if I use butter or olive oil to season it, how are you all counting the butter? I’ve avoided things like this on keto because I hated not knowing exactly what calorie/macro content I was getting in a single portion.

I have a bunch of different cuts of grass-fed beef from that farm, so it’s really a guessing game in terms of tracking. I’d love any tips you all have.

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Broke my 24 hour fast with this:
2.5oz grass fed slider
2 slices bacon
Sautéed 2 mushroom (in the bacon grease)
.75 oz avocado
2.25 oz cucumber
30g labne (kefir yogurt)

304 calories/22g P/6g C/2g F/21g F

That’s half my protein for the day at 1g/kg LBM. Now that I have my DEXA results and RMR results, I’ll be scaling back to meet the smaller protein needs. I’m going to have to get really creative with fat to make up the cals.

(Dave) #75

You’re off to a great start!

If it’s not in a package and I am at home, I usually weigh it (and take a picture of the result). With regard to how fatty or lean the meats are, I think you’re generally safe going with the most prominent nutrition info for it – regardless of how it looks from the local farm. It’s true it may be off by a few %, but I wouldn’t count on it.

In my own experiments, if I cook something in butter, I find about 50% of it gets absorbed by what I’m cooking it in. And yes, I’ve literally weighed the pan before and after to confirm.

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You mean I’m back at it…this is not my first rodeo with tracking. :wink: TBH, all I could think about while I was eating was logging the food and seeing how much it was, how much fat, etc. I definitely didn’t feel satiated and was already thinking about what I’d need to cook later that day in order to not go over my protein, whether or not I could afford an extra ounce of cucumber, etc.

As much I hate the idea, I may have to just start meal prepping for the week. At least it will take the stress out of meal times.

(Dave) #77

Try not to!

Again, it will probably be this way for a while, but I’d rather you just be good about the recording and try not to count or assess as you go along. You got this!

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Easier said than done, especially after 15 years of food tracking.

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@DaveKeto I ordered the tests you recommended yesterday and went to the lab this morning.

I fasted for 13 hours beforehand, no coffee (per the recent podcast). I took my ketones and BG this morning as well, per your suggestion.

BG: 69
Ketones: 1.9 (I jumped on the trainer last night around 9:30pm so I’m guessing they’re high because of that)

Looking forward to getting these results!! I will update you once I have them.

Also, tracked everything yesterday now that I’m using my lower LBM for protein limits. Total cals: 1276, 46P 22C 9Fiber, 110F

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I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, along with some cucumbers and labne, and coffee with a bit of HWC. Took my BG 30 min after I ate and it’s the exact same as before I ate…(well, almost, I went from 69 to 71)

Before eating: 69
30 min later: 71
60 min later: 76
90-120 min later: 69

What does this mean?

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SNEAKY!! for a long time - I didn’t count carbs in my broccoli & cauliflower that I was dipping in yummy homemade dip (because they were “healthy” vegetables) Little did I know I was WAY over expending my carbs. I knew they had carbs, but didn’t realize how much was in like a half or full cup! Took a LONG time to figure that out!

(Dave) #82


I know you’ll feel the urge to constantly course correct based on what your recorded numbers are, but try not to. Again, this will be easier the longer you’re doing it.

Soon you’ll have a nice bloc of logs to share back with us for thoughts. Just be sure you’re capturing everything, including condiments, drinks, etc. that can affect The[quote=“yayhowfun, post:80, topic:13227, full:true”]
I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, along with some cucumbers and labne, and coffee with a bit of HWC. Took my BG 30 min after I ate and it’s the exact same as before I ate…(well, almost, I went from 69 to 71)

Before eating: 69
30 min later: 71
60 min later: 76
90-120 min later: 69

What does this mean?

This is an extremely tight bump (if you even want to call it that). You appear to be well under 100 mg/dl throughout, of course, so this meal likely has very, very little impact on your insulin.

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Cool. I track EVERYTHING. If I eat out, nary a condiment shall touch my plate.
I know you mentioned “the longer I’m doing it, the easier it gets” but I want to make sure you know that I’ve been tracking my food for literally years of my life.

(Dave) #84

One more thing – you’re fine testing 1hr and 2hr, etc following a meal (and by that, I mean always start the timer following the first bite of the meal).

You only need to do 30 min testing if a meal is clearly spiking your glucose and you want to drill into the numbers.

(What The Fast?!) #85

Cool, thanks I thought it was 30 min from when I stopped eating, so I’ll do that instead.