HWC question

(Full Metal KETO AF) #21

Not on the ones that I buy, and why would they add thickeners to screw top cartons and not the old style cartons as a rule? Doesn’t make sense and carrageenan is a flavorless seaweed extract anyway so I don’t necessarily care if it’s there.



Sooo I checked out Organic Valley one in my fridge and it has gellan gum…and so does my Silk 25 calorie unsweetened cashew milk (which has a handful of other ingredients I didn’t think about before like Locust Bean Gum and may contain almond butter !!! What??? I thought I was avoiding almonds completely grrrr). Gellan gum is Whole30 approved so probably not a terrible ingredient BUT I did read it can cause “gut issues” and to avoid if you’re gut is sensitive. I think I will start looking for these items without the additives in them, I just want to consume what I think I am and not worry about the rest…one day when life gets boring maybe I can shuffle around making my own :face_with_monocle:


It seems all healthy things are elusive here in the Midwest lol, I remember the good ol’days when I lived on the West Coast and these things were more of the norm :cry:

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I miss Humbolt Creamery! My mom took us on a tour of the Creamery when I was a kid. And my Granddad took us on a tour of the sawmill where he used to work and lost 1.3 fingers. He cut the first and last board there. (Last one was in the closing ceremony long after he retired.) And he took us on a tour of the fishery. Also, when I was 5 I figured out chicken and chickens were the same thing and wanted to be vegetarian. To cure me of this my Granddad took me to his friend’s ranch to choose which cow we ate that year. And it worked for a good 23 more years. Then I went veggie for over a decade and now am back to those “okay I’ll eat the meat but don’t make me look at the tongue” days of yesteryear.

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, yes! HWC. We made butter in 2nd grade too.

And I think you just got a gently abused carton and it should be fine next time.

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Right! I live in Wisconsin and you can’t buy fresh non-pasturized milk from a farmer. That’s breaking the law. :rage:

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I believe the additives are to restore the whipping property which is impacted by processing. I think ultra-pasteurization is the culprit and cream that uses a lower temperature slower pasteurization doesn’t need the additives. Here in Chicago, Dean’s brand offers a non-organic pasteurized HWC without additives while all of the organic brands I’ve seen here are ultra-pasteurized and have thickeners added.

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We use Horizon brand, too. I’ve not had a “buttery taste” that I recognized. But I generally put a little of that along with a little butter into the morning coffee and then do the immersion blender thing in it. I don’t like just putting butter in but blending it up gets it all frothy and mixes it in. I like the cream, though, as it adds something the butter doesn’t.

I do know that the stuff we get here has some other ingredient in it besides cream and I really wish it didn’t. But it did get me to thinking about trying something new.

We have a local dairy that sells whole milk, minimally pasteurized and not homogenized. That means that it should separate pretty easily. We generally are buying HWC, half n half, and yogurt. So… I wondered if I could separate off some cream, get a little more cream with a little of the milk, and then use the rest to make my own Greek yogurt. I’ve yet to try it but I am wondering if it may not work pretty well, even save us a little money.


(Ethan) #28

Stonyfield and horizon use thickeners

(Brian) #29

Yes, that’s what I’ve seen here, too, Ethan. I’ve occasionally seen someone post what looks like the same or similar product without anything added but when I go for it on the grocery store shelf, it always seems like those extras are in there. Don’t know if companies do different products for different markets or what. (?)

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We did the same thing! Although it was ONLY 48 years ago for my class :rofl: I guess it was THE thing to do in kindergarten in the late 60s/early 70s.

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We were up in the middle of Canada this summer for about 8 days (Ontario province) and it was the same way. Maddening. I couldn’t wait to get back to Austin - birthplace of Whole Foods. Now, I don’t shop at Whole Foods but it indicates what kind of demand we have here that other grocery stores work to meet.

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Yes, who can afford it! Not me. :cowboy_hat_face::laughing:

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And with Disodium Phosphate, one of my favorite organic foods! :confused:. Pathetic, Cream should be a single ingredient item.


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I talked to someone at our local grocery store when I returned some heavy whipping cream that was lumpy. She said there’s really nothing wrong with it, it’s gets shaken in shipping and sometimes forms small butter lumps. Still seemed weird

(PSackmann) #35

I’ve run across that at times, I just shake it up a bit gently and it mixes back in (after the sniff test to make sure it’s just lumps from transport)

(Ethan) #36

It was the only ingredient in the glass-bottle version I bought. But now I don’t drink it at all.

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This works great if you live near the creamery. Not everyone has that privledge. I prefer no additives for sure. But I’ll take them over not having the cream at all.


Well Natural Grocers carries two versions of Organic Valley HWC…and sure enough just like you said, the one with the screw on plastic cap had additives and regular carton had none! Happily grabbed the carton one :grin:


I just buy the big carton of the Freddie’s/Kroger/Wal-Mart local brand and let nature take its course ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Brian) #40

Graci, I wish I could find the one that’s just cream. I think I’ve looked in every store within about 70 miles and so far, I’ve only found the one with additives. :frowning: