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This is wrong:

This is wronger:


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NEED THE POSTER. And the tee shirt.

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I am the poster. And I wanna bring this back:

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Keto weddings donโ€™t waste dovesโ€ฆ

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That was funny. You know, I remember seeing random pipes sticking out of hillsides when I was a kid and we would drink that water. People would stop and fill up gallon jugs from it. God only knows what we were drinking, but everyone thought it was good water.

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We have something like that here in Oregon but Iโ€™ve never tried it.

Natural spring is at 8:30, rest of it is a good look at the first segment of one of my regular routes to the beach. Passing conifers are mostly planted Douglas Firs, quite young. If they werenโ€™t harvested on the regular, those suckers would be 250 feet tall, three times the size you see here.


Wow thatโ€™s a much prettier drive than where I grew up, which was corn country Illinois. Flatter than driving across pancake and about as interesting. Not even a rolling hill. Lol. But it has created an odd habit where I kept wanting to part the trees aside in the video to see the sky. :joy: But I much prefer the trees scenery for a drive any day. Thanks for sharing!!

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They part pretty fast where the ocean comes roaring up to meet the highway.

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How to get acute carb poisoning.

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This place seems keto friendly.

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They probably donโ€™t even have pies and cake. They strike preemptively. Wonder if theyโ€™re hiringโ€ฆ.

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Not sure if this falls under โ€œhumorโ€ or astonishment. So, I have cattle, chickens, turkeys and baby turkeys. Got 2 doggies too. A full time job and a business I run on the side. 4 of my 5 kids are outta the house. The youngest kid is in high school. Super kid, sometimes absent minded. Weโ€™ve all been super busy- with either school, work, gardening,doggie training or visiting Gma in the care center since her stroke. I had just completed my last shift before a long deserved summer vacation. Was starving and wandered around the store looking for some morsel of meat to nibble off a bone on the way home. So. an hour later- no meat, but I got home, snuggled into some jammies and was doing Suduko on my phone. THinking it might be time for bed finally. It was after midnight and Iโ€™d just finished a 10 hour shift. My daughter comes pouncing down the stairs well after midnight, and informs me that I MUST pick her up from school Friday 12 sharp. I look at her sideways, and say โ€œtake the busโ€. She says, " I canโ€™t. You DO KNOW that Iโ€™m in charge of the class pet for the summer, RIGHT? Iโ€™m bringing the hamster home for the summer. Dad signed the permission slip/".
So. in addition to all the critters and jobs, I am now the proud new steward and caretaker for Benadryl the Hamster. Currently trying to wrap my head around this situation. Not sure if I should laugh, cry, or just bury my head under a pillow. Who names a hamster Benadryl anyways!!!

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Yeah, the name Benedryl was given to fool you into thinking the hamster is sleepy and doesnโ€™t do anything. Iโ€™m guessing with 5 kids youโ€™ve had hamsters over the years, but in case you havenโ€™t, their sole purpose of existence is to escape. Andโ€ฆ they are brilliant at it. Good luck!