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What? Itโ€™s net carbs.

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Iโ€™m glad you started a new Humor Page! I canโ€™t get caught up on the first one!

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Pufferfish contain a toxin in their spikes that kills predators. It has a slightly different effect on dolphins, though: It gets them high. Dolphins will pass around pufferfish to get stoned.



Dude, I wanna be a dolphin today!

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Because cheese, thatโ€™s why.

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I prefer to roll my own. Cheese, that is; what did you think I meant? :cheese::rofl::cheese::rofl::cheese::rofl::cheese:

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The proper use of carbs. Gives whole new meaning to โ€œocean spray.โ€

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One of my favorite quotes of all time. And something to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to describe keto to someone holding a can of Mt. Dew.

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Oh, great analogy!!!

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Need some new goals?

Iโ€™ll bet he could loosen a jar of pickles with his buttcheeks.

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@Karen18 @Shortstuff @marklifestyle
Why did I think of yall during this? I should have been thinking what a couch sloth I am; instead I pictured you taking this guy on

(Allie) #14

I think my joints would crumble :rofl:


The arms are nice tooโ€ฆ Yeah, he uses some impressive looking weights for themโ€ฆ

And I felt so inferior beforeโ€ฆ (Just in general, I donโ€™t even need a muscular one for it. And I am a lazy chubby 45 years old woman anyway. With workouts sometimes. I do lift. Tiny weights. But bigger ones than 2 years agoโ€ฆ So itโ€™s something.)

I will watch this video in the morning of my planned workoutsโ€ฆ As I tend to decide โ€œnot todayโ€ when my circumstances are a bit problematic. I have a sprained ankle now, for example, not like it matters much.

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You spin me right round, baby, right round.

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Still one of the best โ€œquickโ€ documentaries of all time.

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Some foods contain unhealthy amounts of heavy metals.

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:musical_note: โ€œ. . . and another one bites the dust!โ€ :musical_note:

(Bacon is better) #20

So much for the argument that monocrops are environmentally friendly, eh? :oil_drum: