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Collapsing indeed. I can’t imagine anyone drinking vanilla. :grin: However, someone must have had experience with doing just that!

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I’ve read that it’s actually a thing among severe alcoholics in withdrawal. There’s just enough alcohol in there to have an impact. Horrifying.

Then again, when I was a child I would sneak cat food kibble out of the bag and eat it because it had more flavor than anything available in our strict natural foods house, so…

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Explains a lot.



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Arguing with idiots on the internet.


in a cemetary…


so? hmm


My ex wife was a Baptist.

I have the highest respect for them.

They are well and good meaning people.

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I desperately want this for my garden.

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Vanilla is nothing. Try Sterno!

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I was raised Baptist, myself, and these are the jokes we tell. But actually, and contrary to the joke, the people in our church would say hello when we met in the liquor store. We just didn’t talk about it in church!

I don’t know about your wife’s church, but the church we attended was not a welcoming place for a young gay man, decent as the people were in many ways. Fifty years on, I’m still messed up from the messages I learned there.

I guess I’m just fortunate that not all Christians are like that.

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Not all (insert labels here) are like that.

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My husband was raised a Baptist in Shreveport, LA and his favorite Baptist joke is… “if it is fun it must be a sin!” :laughing:

I wasn’t raised anything since my East Texas Baptist-raised Mom rejected the doctrine. But she still had a lot of lifelong friends who were Baptist and they respected each other’s beliefs. My Mom had a wide variety of friends - Jesuit priests, Baptists, New Agers, Mormons…

When she was struggling financially with IRS liens on her home and other issues, her New Age’y friends sniffed and told her “you must have attracted your troubles” and turned their backs on her whereas her Baptist friends said “what can I do to help?”.

My ex-Baptist husband’s favorite scripture is “by their fruits you shall know them”. :+1:

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I’ve had precisely the opposite experience. My spiritual friends supported my journey and encouraged me to build my strengths while the religious friends pushed me aside because I didn’t go to their church and wasn’t “saved.”

I think it’s time to get off the topic of religion and back onto the topic of Humor, you know, like the thread is titled for. @robintemplin @PaulL


I’ve been a bit of a church whore over the years, if you pardon the term.

Growing up, I attended Church of Ireland (which is Anglican!), Methodist, Presbyterian (probably my main church), Baptist and Elim Pentecostal. I never attended Catholic churches, only for funeral masses to pay my respects. Each one of the churches, I have to say, had great people…and a few hypocrites as well.

A bit like anything…same as in your local bar, sports club, school, workplace etc. Different strokes for different folks.

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Folks, let’s get this Humor thread back to humor.

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