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Nope, now all we’ve got to contend with is a Ketogenic Forums addiction.


It reminds me a Finnish song we sang in the school choir. I was a mezzo-soprano. It wasn’t always fun, the sopranos and alts had some nice melody, usually and we were in the middle as I remember (it was ages ago) but it was usually not so bad. But the writer of that song managed to give us the same note 14 times and right afterwards another note 13 times. It was half of the song. One, boring. Two, it’s not so easy to hold the same miserable note for so long (, our teacher said. we just sang however we could and were fine with the result, my personal goal was survival, we never even sang in front of anyone else, it was just a fun little club).

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Count your blessings, I’m a contralto. (sigh)

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Looking forward to a summer of couch surfing.

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Somebody get a really big glass and piece of paper.

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These kids will kick your butt on the dance floor, so don’t even.



new trend to dieting. just eat what ya can fit in this time slot!


thank heavens I eat my meat with my fingers :wink: :

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Obviously they haven’t adopted a SAD diet yet and hope they never do.


from that amt of food and what it is they adopted the starve yourself diet HA

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That’s not even enough for a Frenchman to cleanse his palate at the end of a meal.

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Got some time this weekend? I’m sure you could knock this out in an afternoon…

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That is freaking amazing! All those gears and levers and all hand-driven.

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If coffee could do this, my garden would be done by now.

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I’d ridicule him.

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I’m gonna start calling them alligator pears. No, not the avocados.

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Voted Best Use of Carbs for 2022:



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I watched this five times, still laughed.