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I was born and raised in Iowa. Monocrops suck like Dirt Devil and corn is a four-letter word. Change my mind.

(Karen) #22

Hahaha of course I could take him on :rofl:

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When more than your hands are caught in the cookie jar.

(Jane) #25

Dogs have owners…… Cats have staff. LOLOLOL

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One of my other favorite quotes of all time. (purrrr)

(Jane) #27

Maine Coons are felines on steroids. Purrs with her mouth open which is very loud. Demands her petting and brushing with loud meows. Totally docile when I pick her up and cradle her upside down (more purring).

Follows us like a dog down to the meadow every evening to put the chickens up. Funny to see a 20-lb cat chase a 95-lb dog. Doggy grinning because she enjoys the game.

We step and fetch for her. All is right in the universe.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #28

Maine Coons are my fav! I love me a big, squeezable, laid back man–Ha, ha! I only adopt pound kitties so I hope to find one there in the future who likes regular brushings and snuggles.

(Jane) #29

I only adopted pound kitties until I rescued two orange kitties from a dumpster in Houston.

One we still have - a short haired tiny orange girl who is my best mouser! Her litter mate was half Maine Coon and I didn’t understand why she was so different. When I called her name her tail went up (“flag up”) and she always came when I called and met me in the basement no matter how late I came home.

We lost her suddenly (I think acute kidney failure but just a guess) and I took it hard because she was my girl. When I was still mourning her a month later my husband found Katy and we paid $$$ for her.

We thought we had made a big mistake because she was such a wild kitten. But when she matured and calmed down she became a blessing and a treasured member of our family.

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That counts. I got my Monka from a woman who was loading her into the back of a truck in a box to take to the pound. I took dat kitty to my place, instead, and after 12 years I’m still not convinced I ever deserved her.

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That is pretty cool.

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The musicians out there probably already know this secret, but this guy reveals it to the rest of us in the most entertaining way.

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A man after my own heart. I don’t know why it was that someone latched onto the Canon in D in the first place, since literally every other piece Pachelbel wrote—and he wrote hundreds of great organ preludes, for example—is far more beautiful and much more interesting than that stupid canon. After the first couple hundred times of listening to that stupid canon, when it first became popular in the nineteen-eighties (one week, WQXR played it morning, afternoon, and evening for three straight days), I now turn the radio off as soon as it comes on.

(Bob M) #36

When I was dating my wife, we went to NYC, and went to a fancy Italian place, owned by a well-known TV personality. (This was pre-keto.) While we were there, there was an engagement party.

An older gentleman stood up for a toast to the engaged couple. What he said was something like the following:

“Let me tell you about the three rings of marriage. First, there’s the engagement ring. Next, there’s the wedding ring. Finally, there’s the suffering.”

And of course, he drew out the suffering: sufferrrrrring.

My wife and I still laugh about that one. And tell it to everyone, too.

(Bacon is better) #37

Rita Rudner says that men with piercings are good candidates for marriage, because they’ve already experienced pain and bought jewelry.

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That’s a good one.


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I love me some Rita, she’s a guru.

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OMG that was me when I was still working. Working always cut into my personal use of a computer time. Don’t have that problem anymore. :grin: