Humor2 🙃

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This is prettier than all the gingerbread houses I saw and remember :slight_smile:


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Yeowch! That hits a Little close to home!


we mostly all have this issue HAHA

ever get caught in that pant leg ya can’t get into and darn near kill yourself trying to get into that other leg? HAHA it is the stupid stuff that can take us down or someone ‘caught in a shirt’, I been there LOL





the cheat day, yea right :scream_cat::smirk:

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My SO and I are pros. We often weigh ourselves fully dressed, in the afternoon or in the evening (sometimes at night, I can’t go to bed early, I have been trying since decades), if not after eating then after drinking a lot and I personally may hold a mug of liquid in my hand too…
Maybe not very informative but if I forget about the personality of my scale (it tends to show the same naked and wearing 2 kg clothes) I can be sure I weigh significantly less. No problem with mysteries. (Or numbers on the scale, we just never freak out due to it.)

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To me, Thanksgiving always sounded like a turkey holiday and Easter an egg and ham holiday … :slight_smile:
Christmas is hopeless though. Even I can’t not think about all the carbs there.

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Around here, Thanksgiving is exclusively a turkey holiday. Sometimes with some “wretched green things” as my wife calls veggies. And a pumpkin pie with artificial sweeteners isn’t terrible, but when we go to gatherings with family and friends, it’s BE ALERT time. It’s easier since my brother went keto, but we didn’t get together this past Thanksgiving.


Caution is always useful, I heard about glazed things on this forum too many times and it’s very odd to me as we don’t add sugar to out meats normally. Probably bbq sauces have it in small amounts but normal roasts…? Not in my family, that’s for sure.

Other woe changes in the family may help too :slight_smile: My SO’s Mom has another son and he prefers not breaded meat (it’s a too huge thing here, some people say Hungarians tend to do that to anything. just like any fruit very easily ends up as pálinka). He probably is against the soaked up fat but main thing it’s an option now. If we just visit, there is plain meat (usually) but Christmas always was all about breaded this and breaded that. Christmas dinners were my least favorite meals there. I typically loved the normal ones.

I always preferred the non-green vegs. (Darker) green leaves looks and tastes like rabbit food to me. I understand people love it, tastes differ, that’s fine but I always avoided them (with very few exceptions. onion leaves are nice).

Now I feel bad writing this much here and never being able to bring a humorous pic… sigh



Ahhhh… I love me some chicken titties xD


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What would PETA call a song about the study of mTOR inhibition?

rapamycin (rap-a-mice-in) :upside_down_face:

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