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Told my friend who took the picture that it shows a severe lack of support in the household, like purposefully undermining someone’s efforts. LOL Or it could be one of those people who don’t properly learn something before doing it. :joy:


Well Keto yogurt! That and the broccoli and eggs are the only Keto things in it.


I don’t think so. It’s not undermining to choose our own diet and not (potentially) sacrificing ourselves for the other person.
My SO is super supportive but he needs high-carb so he eats high-carb and I cook carby food for him and don’t see the problem. If I forced him into low-carb (not like it’s possible), that would be a pretty abusive controlling relationship in my eyes. Or something along these lines, I have lack of sleep and tiredness and my brain may not function correctly.

I find it super rude to expect the other to follow our diets just because it’s easier on us. It’s our own business, we should handle it. I do expect my SO not to make the most tempting things for me IF he is fine without and he does that as he is a lovely, not choosy cinnamon roll. But it’s my own responsibility to stuck to my own diet while the others follow their own. Why would I be the one everyone (okay, only 1 other person but it’s not the point) must adapt to? Nope, we should make it work with 2 quite different woe. So many families manage it and that’s the right way.
It’s good training anyway sometimes :slight_smile: Yeah, it brings difficulties too but it can’t be helped.

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You have sharp eyes. I went back and looked for broccoli and still don’t see any.

I do see an otherwise unidentified product with “keto” on it in big letters, but those are usually highly processed. I shudder to think how they might alter yoghurt to make it “keto.” I would consider full-fat unsweetened yoghurt to have been keto already, so the good Lord alone knows what they’ve added to it.

So anyway, I’m sticking with the eggs as being the one thing that is unlike the rest.

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I only have my phone, so it’s hard to make out the details. It looks like a lot of baked goods and crackers, canola oil, some veg, eggs, and keto something. A “balanced” diet for many.


It’s Ratio Keto yogurt. I’ve not tried it but I know Ratio to be a popular brand among a lot of Ketoers.

It’s funny because it is sitting on top of a cart filled with sugar ladened carby food, and on tator tots too. And other than the eggs, it just looks comical.

The broccoli is frozen in bags and now I think I do actually see brussel sprouts peaking out from under it all.

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You’ve got very sharp eyes, in order to see all that in a random Internet meme photo. Wow! I’m impressed. :+1:


omg so true on that spinach joke.
Mother in law would get our collard greens and TONS of them to be boiled down to green mush and no matter how many massive bunches we harvested from the fields for her, it always would never ‘be enough’ LOL omg too funny, brought back ol’ memory for me on this one kinda :slight_smile: too funny!

-------------------so away I go with funny diet image!



That one is getting stolen!


Never liked salads. Never even saw the point but people are odd.

I always cut myself with sharp knives as a kid as they only rarely was that…
I am better now (and frequently sharpen my knives) but I could test how easily my fav big meat cutting sharp knife cuts meat, be it the whole hen for the soup or my pinky, it was last week or something, I am bad with time. Knives and me are an accident waiting to happen but it has little patience so it happens soon. But I can test the speed of my healing (it’s quick enough) and information is nice… I don’t try to repeat it soon though.

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I’d bet that you’d like my dad’s salads. He made a great salad.

Alas, I can’t eat too many salads. I limit myself to one, maybe two, per week. Most weeks none.

I used to eat them all the time until I saw Amber O’Hearn give a presentation at Keto Fest 2017. I had no idea there were people who ate nothing but meat. I then starting cutting down vegetables and salad…and found that if I eliminated salads, basically all of my digestive problems went away. (It helps to eat well cooked vegetables too.)

And if I go on vacation, where often restaurants will substitute a salad for fries or potatoes or other carbs, and I eat a bunch of salads because of that, many of my digestive issues come back.

So, I avoid salads.


Oh I had a salad I did like and ate a few times a year… It was in general for salads. If they have lots of protein and fat and nothing green (my old salad had iceberg lettuce as it was crunchy and not very green so it was fine. now it tastes like grass, ew), it has chances. It’s best if it has a warm ingredient too, my old fav has freshly fried, still warm onions galore…

And the normal one veg salads can be nice too, I have problems with mixing raw ones for some reason but there are good combos.

I still didn’t see the point as it’s way easier just to grab a veg and eat it… That’s what I did. I LOVED raw vegs (except the leafy greens) but disliked salads in general.

I don’t have digestive problems from vegs. They just made my fat overeating even more serious and they have carbs and that may cause various problems.

I did that. 1000g cauliflower fried in fat. Tiny appetizer. Yeah I prompty banned the thing as even my carb allowance wasn’t generous enough and it was a tiny course of a single meal with zero satiation effect… I just LOVED vegs, some more than others. Cauliflower was a huge fav. I don’t really like it anymore but in certain dishes I still can eat it.

But vegs in general are pointless to me now. Except a few slices of a crunchy, juicy one here and then…
It’s good I can eat any meat I like all alone though I usually eat them with eggs. Sometimes with another meat especially if the fattiness isn’t right.

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The salad wars, ha ha. I had a boyfriend who insisted on a big and complicated salad every night. It took half an hour to make, and I couldn’t see the point.

I’d cut up some lettuce with scissors (took just a few seconds). A few days later I’d run out of lettuce and cut up a cucumber or tomato (took a few seconds).

I don’t eat vegetables any more, which is kind of sad, but oh well. Since this is the humor thread, here you go:


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Or this:


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There was a big news story several years ago about a guy solo hiking out in Utah. This was 2003 and the guy’s name was Aron Ralston.

It’s a long setup but he had a boulder roll onto an arm and trap him in a tiny space. He couldn’t budge it and was there for days. Finally, I think it was on the sixth day trapped there, he realized unless something big changed, he was going to die there and cut off his right arm.

I enjoy hiking and love it out west, but all I could think was, "have you ever heard of someone getting their arm stuck in a bag of Doritos and having to cut it off? Getting it stuck in the sofa cushions? "


Yea it is wild. I sure remember that hiker incident! scary as heck!

but ya know ya never hear a sensational story about someone losing a limb thru their food intake, like hand in that Dorito bag, but darn so many families deal with life with amputations from circulation issues from rampant diabetes. It is really sad truly.

My neighbor I bought my land from was diabetic and when he sold me the land he was 1/2 blind, in wheelchair and near a full on foot/ankle amputation gonna happen and the few times I went to his home to discuss the land purchase he also was drinking soda and snacking on muffins, or pastry type stuff. To be fair here I never knew if he was type 1 or 2 in that diabetic diagnosis but one thing I do know, it was a tough crippling of a human to take in ya know. He passed not too long after the final of that land sale to me. Nice guy tho, sad outcome on it all.

ok but that is sad enough to write out, I will do another funny :slight_smile:



This one I can do :100::partying_face:



Okay, in this case I get the fun as the ketchup surely contains more sugar. (I still get it, just because you had much sugar already, you shouldn’t add even more. and what if they like the flavor of the sweeteners? or they don’t feel it too sweet that way? I have sugary condiments and it’s not the same as drinking sugary soda.)

But if it would be without sugary condiment (or sugar in the bun or whatever it is called, maybe differently as it’s longer?), yep. I can eat a ton of starch with way less problem than a tiny bit of some sugary subpar thing. (IDK why but certain items with added sugar are way worse than other items with added sugar. Even my SO feels the difference and he can eat pretty much added sugar without feeling anything off. He almost never does because he hates added sugar but sometimes it gets tested for reasons.)

Maybe part of the joke involved unhealthiness but I rarely go there as it’s very individual though I suppose the thing there isn’t the embodiment of healthiness. But I would choose it over most sugary stuff very much including a fruit bowl. And I hope everyone know I love fruit. My body less so but I do. In moderation. Sometimes. Only if I want it and that’s fortunately rare… Preferably only if I can inhale some decent amount of very fatty protein afterwards… Okay, pure sugar is the worst but hey, some people consider it better than the whatever is in the pic…

The other pic: I am doomed, I don’t have irl friends (just my SO) and they are all slim and vain anyway… And I have problems with making not super simple food I dislike and I eat the food I do…


for me on the ‘and a diet coke’ is a reference to ‘old time dieting’ as in if one is on a kcal restriction diet, is gonna eat that big old sandwich and then orders ‘a diet’ drink it is total irony of the situation. So I based the funny of it in eat that entire mess, bloat out the guts doing it LOL and then drink ‘a diet’ soda? Like that diet soda is gonna save ya somehow LOL

I could make cupcakes to make others heavier around me but in the end, most of my people don’t inhale cupcakes like they did in the old days either LOL they all got smarter and eat cleaner the older we get now :slight_smile: I might have to force feed them cupcakes HA


My high-carber SO would eat cupcakes. He wouldn’t get fat (as he simply would use them as any other food and get satiated just the same) but he would eat them (maybe not if there would be a ton of buttercream on them? he likes fat but not as much as I do). I can feed him very nearly anything if it’s something sweet, even very low-carb things. He has the biggest sweet tooth I ever saw. He ate cake for breakfast today (about 1000 kcal) and it’s normal for him.
So some non-sugary (I mean added sugar) and not too eggy cupcakes would be warmly welcomed and not fattening.

I wondered last time and I still don’t remember if I ever ate a cupcake… I don’t think it was a thing here when I had a chance to eat such things. I only remember muffins, sweet and savory ones alike, not a traditional thing here but became trendy at some point.