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Little brothers, a haiku:

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I can skate but I don’t think I could make my hair do that.


IDK if it considered fun but my sensitive humor sense considered it funny…
I have a water bottle, who knows from here, probably from a relative. Once upon a time it contained some soda, strawberry/black pepper (sounds odd but one of my fav flavors in Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans - I just tried them, it won’t be a relationship for sure, I never liked low-fat sugary sweets - is the black pepper one). It has things on it. Vegan, low-calorie… And not containing sweeteners!
It has sugar. Of course, I guess.

I understand it may be NOT funny but somehow it is to me?

(And really not funny but I only posted it once today and I still am not over it, a margarine managed to touch the price of butter on sale. Or not, maybe butter won’t be on sale again or not with the last price I saw and the margarine is special and I found it in a tiny town shop, the city may have different prices and on sale, not on sale matters too so it’s not a fair comparison but STILL! Butter is super expensive but precious. And it’s margarine even if it’s the fancy one and butter flavored.
But I saw 60% fat watered down butter in butter price too.
The margarine is 70% btw. Isn’t that high for a margarine? I probably didn’t take a good look at margarine labels since decades. But I remember them being lower and not understanding why so many recipes say margarine or butter. I would think it matters if we use water instead of a lot of fat in some baked stuff even if we don’t care about what kind of fat we use despite we should).

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Swimsuit season’s almost here.

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I wouldn’t have understood it without this sentence, thanks. But now that I got it, it’s very good :smiley:
(Even my SO knows about gluteus maximus, I mentioned it so many times in the bathroom after I reached that part in my anatomy for artists studies :D)

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It’s not often I feel so proud of my hometown!


May be a repeat but…


Oh my I just have eaten, an hour ago. My poor insides, just looking at these abominations…

Caluliflower doesn’t even help, it was way too carby even for my old, pretty carby keto…

I go back and look at the bacon pics again instead (btw I had a super bacon-y day, 65g, I think it’s a personal record or close. IDK why I can’t eat bacon in more than tiny amounts but it’s okay).

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Nice one

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Cute! All processed foods, except the eggs. Very subtle.