Humor :-)

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I was really tired when I posted that. I wasnt really paying attention to the subj of the thread. I was just injecting possibly relevant or useful info to go with @Regina ‘s comment.

And I dont remember why now. :flushed:

[Bob heads off to the nearest corner of the room to self flagellate. (I hope thats spelled right, my iphone keeps changing it AFTER I’m past it by a fee more words. I saw it happen this time!)]

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I am officially blaming you for this new term. It sounds like something that should have been around since trains were invented, but I swear as it popped into my head one minute ago it was the first time I have ever heard or thought it…

Hobosapiens. :man_facepalming:t2:

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Its back…!



My monday-mantra these days…

(Always hungry... 🍗🥓🥩🍖🍳🧀) #1401

I’m loving your positivity @Meerkatsandy :joy::joy::joy:


I’m trying my best, I really am :joy::joy:

(Always hungry... 🍗🥓🥩🍖🍳🧀) #1403

Well this makes me feel a lot better!! :rofl::rofl:


Im trying to think and be positive…I used to get Monday-fever by 6 pm on Sunday and wake up on Monday hating the day, hating myself and hating others :joy: Now I’m trying a new approach - I don’t hate Sunday after 6 pm and I wake up on Monday with “bring it on Monday, lets see what you’ve got!”
My success rate is about 80%, some Mondays just suck! :joy:

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I used to get Saturday Night Fever :grin:

I worked in restaurants. :laughing:



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You read my mind this morning Clare :joy::expressionless:

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Well that worked well this week… :roll_eyes:


You hated Monday, Monday hated you and you hated everything and everybody on Monday?

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I find if you FAST Saturday and Sunday…

You REALLY Appreciate Mondays! LOL


:joy::joy: good idea… condition yourself to hate the weekend and Monday will seem like Friday :slight_smile:

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Almost - I stopped at everything, too tired to hate everybody … but just wait until I get some sleep Tuesday night, some retrospective cursing is scheduled for when I can be bothered again! :joy:

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That’s the spirit!!! Maybe we should make Monday fear us? :thinking: Actually Tuesday should scare Monday…


I was watching John Oliver’s show on Everest and John was especially irritating (me) this episode, so I was reading the comments, just to see what others were commenting. John mentioned that someone tried to break the record with “highest call ever.” This comment just made my morning :joy:

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