Humor :-)


Saw this in the paper and couldn’t resist. Hope this section is ok for this - didn’t see a humor topic.Bacon

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Very good (though you might make me feel bad for the pig now).

FYI - Humor (or Humour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) is in the Community group.

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Well that’s the problem… someone put an extra “u” in humor. No wonder no one could find it.

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Or is it the other way around? :thinking:

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The British did it just for a laugh!

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Moving to the Humour catagory.

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Posted this on my facebook page… I don’t think many of my “friends” will get it:

while Association != Causation:
print(“Show Me the Science!”)
# an infinite loop

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You have to read this one:



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My just arrived Costco ad has 12 lb. wagyu roast delivered, $999.00

Don’t think I need that much wagyu

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This morning my wife made some really great bacon - cooked to what I think is a sweet spot just as some crispiness arrives yet still with a good bit of favorful fat. Eggs were coming later, but she brought me a plate with 9 goodly-sized slices on it, and asked, “Is that too much bacon for you?”

A silent beat passed and we just looked at each other, then laughed.

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This is a serious issue which needs to be exposed. These poor nuts are are exploited …