Humor :-)

(Virginia ) #1377

They were friends, my aunt knew a lot of them. I also have another pictures of her with with Eve Arden, Henry Fonda and a few other are in it.
My cousin has the ones with her and Bob Hope and her with Sammy Davis.

That was so cool of the couple being you didn’t know them for them to do that for you. :slight_smile: Cool.

(Susan) #1378

That is very cool, indeed, Virginia, nice! Was she an actress too? or how did she meet all these people? All classic stars, very awesome =).

(Virginia ) #1379

No, she wasn’t a star. And to be honest, I’m not sure how she and her husband was friends with all them. But it’s cool. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #1380

Yes, nice. I have a pic of my parents with Dean Jones and his wife (remember him from Disney’s Herby the Love Bug Movies?) because they were on a cruise together and they stayed in contact via Christmas cards for years (my dad has passed and mom is almost 91 now so this was years ago) but I thought it was cool, never the less.

(Mom to kids who eat bacon & butter) #1381

This reminded me of when my son was learning to spell. We were at a McDonald’s and he was standing on one of the seats exclaiming about wanting a snack. He was saying something along the lines of “S-N-A-K-E, I want a snack. S-N-A-K-E!” I think he was about 4 at the time. We had a conversation about the difference between snacks and snakes.

(Virginia ) #1382

That’s cool, I remember Herby the Love Bug… yes that was many years ago. I have a picture of my mother with singer Kitty Wells. Years ago, where my mom worked, they would book singers and actors to come in, sometime for the business and sometimes to raise money for good cause.

(Susan) #1383

That is very cute, KetoCancerMom =). Kids are so funny at times, my little almost 3 year old grand daughter does hilarious things daily and is so cute too.

Because she gets stickers for potty training, and has a chart, when I go she always says :“Good job, Grandma.” which always makes me giggle.

They certainly help keep us young. She was my biggest motivator to do Keto, so I can run after her and be a good grandma to her, since she lives here and I am her primary caregiver =).

Very cool, Virginia. My only celebrity experiences were seeing Mr. T in the same hotel we were in when we were very young, my brother and I freaked out, yelling “It’s Mr.T!!” and he was in the elevator just as it was closing and smiled and waved at us and said “Hi kids!” made our day… and holiday!

And… I have a pic of Richard Simmons and me… years ago., when my mom and me went to one of his book signings, and bought his program and he graciously posed for pics as I took one of my mom and him and she took one of me and him. He was super sonic nice.


My sister once had to have a conversation with her kid about the difference between hobos and homos. :rofl:


My friend said he wanted to be a Schiptar (name for albanians, can be derogatory ), because he thought it meant that he would be a helicopter pilot (the helicopter goes ship, ship, ship)…his mom was german and his dad a serb :joy:

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(Mom to kids who eat bacon & butter) #1387

Yeah, my almost 3 year old wants me to sit on the tub and wait for her… Kids are crazy funny :slight_smile:

I’m glad you have a motivator, that helps so much. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #1388

I read your blog, you are an amazing lady, I am sure your hubby and 4 kids are a great motivator for you too.

Blessings and best of positive energy for you to be cancer free too =-)

(Linda) #1389

It is indeed a pic of Anthony Fremont (Billy Mumy). It was my favorite TZ episode. There have been times I have fervently wished I had the little monster’s skilz. There would be a few people “in the cornfield.”

The short story is online. It’s a good read, too.

(Virginia ) #1390

That’s cool.

Awesome, he was kind of a big thing back in the day.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #1391

Scary on so many levels that I remember that episode.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #1392

Very odd, but I am both wasting (urine) and using, (blood) ketones.

(Kirk Wolak) #1393

Funny thoughts around Keto…

Phrases I’ve used that I would have lost a bet over:

  1. Don’t cook THAT bacon, you’ll waste all the good fat! No, taste the fat, it’s amazing!

  2. Yes Dear, I will take you to Mothers Day Dinner on my fasting day… Just don’t ask me to eat anything, I will ENJOY a seltzer. Literally enjoys the seltzer, has no problems smelling the food, watching the wife eat.

  3. Wow, my 1st year of Keto… Lets do a Celebratory Fast!

  4. You watch the “Clinic” scene from Idiocracy (Put this PROBE in your mouth, this in your ear, and this in your rectum")… And it oddly reminds you of testing Breath, Blood and Urine ketone levels, and your confusion. If not fear of getting the wrong test in the wrong spot. LOL

  5. You have been planning your big cheat day for 9 months now, you’ve reduced it to just some really good desserts… But you keep rescheduling it further out in the future.

  6. After hitting your goal weight, you re-assess, and start wondering if you should take off another 10lbs… (Wife says she’s leaving if I go below her weight… LOL that would be 60 more lbs)

It’s a different world when you KETO… It’s a much better world.

One of my favorite comedians used to joke “We belong to an underground where we buy WeightWatcher points on the black market… (the coaches get really angry)”

(Always hungry... 🍗🥓🥩🍖🍳🧀) #1394

Wishing all you lovely keto/carnivore lot a happy Friday! :woman_cartwheeling:

(Susan) #1395

My grand daughter’s newest phrase when she doesn’t want to eat a particular food:

“no thank you, that is not on my diet” (which on the one hand is very cute but…)

eeeek… I have to watch what I say and re-word things… we all know Keto is not a diet but a way of life!

(Susan) #1396


Someone has to tell Patrick about Keto!