Humor :-)


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This would be me… lol

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Haha this is so me!

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You had one job…

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@Meerkatsandy Subversive marketing!



:joy: yup, a textbook example :slight_smile:

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Not my idea of fun.

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I saw an article the other day that was about baby gators being used as therapy animals in Louisiana for the stress at the airport!


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Found this on FB.

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Hehe, Lucille Ball was amazing, and always hilarious… =)

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@Momof5 Yes she was. I love watching Lucy. I actually have a picture of her, Desi Arnaz and a few others out eating Thanksgiving Dinner with my great Aunt Elinor and her husband. It’s a great picture… priceless.

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Oh wow, that is very cool! They were friends? or how did that happen?

I have a real picture (autographed) of Donnie and Marie Osmond that I got from being on a trip in Hawaii when I was in grade eight (and had a mega crush on Donnie) and at the pool side talking to a couple that just happened to be good friends with one of the Osmond’s producers… (lucky day for me) and I asked them if they could get me an autograph… and they took my address and did as promised, in the mail a short time after we were home, a lovely big black and white glossy pic with their autographs in marker, Marie’s is even smeared a tiny bit… talk about making a young girl soo happy. I wrote them a thank you letter and never forgot their kindness… sorry I just thought of all that when you said that…

but very cool, I used to always love watching that show, was even re runs when I watched but Classic, always.

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Take this with a grain of salt, its possible I missed something with how the testing works. But our bodies create two ketone molecules. Beta hydroxyl buterate(sp?) and acetone. The acetone is pure waste. We dont use it at all. But the BHB we do. If I remember right, the test can see either of those. So sometimes while testing you can see really high levels because of acetone, while all your BHB had been used up.

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That avatar you have now reminds me of the kid in an old twilight zone episode “the monster” where the kid can “send things” to the cornfield. That one scarred the pee out of me when I was a kid.

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Your post is great, but are you sure you haven’t posted it on the wrong thread? I don’t see any posts about this on this thread…