Humor :-)

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Bacon definitely helps to keep my life together! :joy::joy:







She’s an old dog, needs a mat to jump up, floors are slippery, she can’t jump in and out of the car anymore, but during the night she becomes a stuntdog and jumps on the couch, in the dark, no matter what “barricades” my husband puts up :wink:
This is where I find her in the morning :wink:

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@Meerkatsandy She obviously thinks it’s her spot! :cowboy_hat_face:


Yep, sounds about right? Why do you even barricade it anymore? Save yourself the trouble! :rofl:


She definitely does…it’s nice in winter though, I shoo her to the other side and take her warm spot :joy:
Since she’s old, we don’t have the heart to discipline her (it’s too late :joy:), so we laugh at how she pulls it off :wink:


My husband likes to get creative sometimes, see what he can do to “stop” her :joy:

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Try flipping the coffee table upside down on top of the sofa…:joy:

Maybe find an old couch cushion to put on the floor. :cowboy_hat_face:


Aww, just let her sleep in the bed with you :blush:

(Scott) #1329

Maybe place a sheet of aluminum foil on the sofa.


She sheds too much, she’s the fluffy kind of labrador, I prefer to have my bed fur-free :slight_smile:


I forwarded your ideas to my husband…he had that thinking look, like the hamster hit the wheel again :joy:


I also have a Lab. I don’t know if she’s “fluffy” or not, but she sure isn’t short-haired. As far as she’s concerned it’s HER bed and she lets ME sleep in it!


True…we may think we call the shots, but in reality they have us wrapped around their little paws :wink:
Do share a photo :slight_smile:

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I’ve been 10 years without a dog. I’m enjoying this discussion.


Can you see the fur on the sheet?! Fortunately, she keeps to her little corner so my side stays relatively clean.

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