Humor :-)

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I love how you put “Dr.” in quotation marks. :smiley:

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Does this mean I need to stop eating asbestos Carl? :grin:


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I would like all those “specialists” to take interest in all the stuff that is being added to food -.- Speaking about bacon, I can’t find any without added sugar in it. So maybe it isn’t the meat, maybe it is just companies are selling crap?

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The majority is sugared because that’s what sells best but sugar free brands can be found with a bit of extra searching. Just ask an employee where you shop or use Google to find those brands.


I thought mine was no-sugar, but I went to find a link to the nutritional info and it says there’s a little bit of honey. The carbs are <1g for 2 slices, so call it .5g. If you eat 4 slices, that’s about 1g, so not unreasonable for a keto diet, but not completely sugar-free.

It’s Hempler’s Uncured Bacon, which I buy in 3 lb. packs at Costco and I think they sell it nationwide. You can get smaller packs at the regular grocery, but be warned, it’s not the cheapest bacon out there.

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I love these old ads.

(Eve) #1284

I live in Poland XD I found one with about the same sugar amount. Suprisingly it is from a low cost store (lidl) and has a few times less sugar than the auchan one (I don’t know if any of those stores rings anything to you XD)

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Anyone else watch “My 600 lb Life” on TLC? :joy:


Thatz suuuhpr :slight_smile: (i love how says that when he compliments a patient)

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Yep, I am way below that and have always been, but I occasionally need to scare myself back onto the straight and narrow. The physical part is bad enough but what always really gets me is the very obvious carb addiction. :slightly_frowning_face:I think this would make. Nice addition to my wallet :slight_smile:

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I usually scream at the tv every time I watch it. “STOP KILLING YOURSELF” :woman_facepalming:t4: I had an uncle who passed away from kidney failure after being diabetic for decades. Yet he was always drinking soda, eating Little Debbie snacks, chips, etc. It’s sad and frustrating to watch honestly. Especially for the loved ones who have to watch you do that to yourself. Although at some point, these people are being enabled because they can’t physically do anything for themselves anymore. So they’re getting their junk food from their “loved” ones. I personally never contributed to my uncle’s food addiction. I loved him too much to help him kill himself.

Well none of that was funny so to get things back on track, this is me these days :joy:


Seen on bathroom door.



I live in such a classy town…

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@Sharon_E Just the sort of place I don’t want to patronize. :cowboy_hat_face:



(Yes, it’s a complete sentence. Sort of. Sigh. )