Humor :-)

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This isnt keto related, so dont try to figure it out.

The other day I was at my Stepdaughters house, helping her electronically uneducated husband repair their microwave oven.

Humor was abound! Everything from here hold this capacitor to having them hold the multimeter leads as i say watch what happens when I press this button now. Endless practical jokes there. But the best of all, her 12 year old daughter says something to me about her puppies, but I couldn’t hear so I asked her to repeat it. Instead she looked a bit insulted and said, harrumph, “I’m having problems saying my S’s correctly.”:pensive:

I couldnt help myself. Monty Python was screaming in my brain. I said, “Well, can you say celery?” To which she said yes, and said it just fine.

“So then here is what you do. Replace all your S’s with that same soft C like in celery! And you’ll not have a problem.”

She had a incredulous look on her face as she tried to say “puppies” again. She said it wrong again, “Oops, I used an S again. Let me try again with a C. Puppiece. PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES!!! Oh thank you Mr Bob!”

One day she will see that skit and want to kill me.

[the skit was replacing the letter C with the letter B.]

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Favorite stove burner: Front left for me. I am also left handed.


My kids broke my favorite coffee mug. :confused: I found another that I really like but…it’s just not the same.

Yeah, weird adulting stuff.


I totally understand…

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MY smile is bigger than my face.


I’m Rocket Ketosis.
Love it!

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I should put a fork in my car…just in case this happens close to me, so I can help with de-brieing de-brie :wink:

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YES!!! We’re doing community service here! :slight_smile:

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Patiently waiting for this trend so I don’t have to hit the gym :sweat_smile:


Put all kitchen washing things - sponges, metal scratchy get the stuck-stuff off, and brushes - into the dishwasher every day/every wash.


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Happened to me yesterday - I was so glad that there was so much keto to eat! Felt betrayed XD That thing was full of carbs!

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No need to give the article clicks. The punchline is in the title.

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I’m tempted, but I won’t. This is ridiculous. I’ve eaten bacon my whole life. I should be dead by now.

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So, I grew up in a rural area in Northern Utah. I had a neighbor who owned a big farm. Their family had every animal you might imagine living on their farm: pigs, cows (both dairy cows and steers which were raised for beef), goats, sheep, horses, Shetland ponies (mean little buggers), chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peahens, peacocks (when I was falling asleep, I could hear their cries which sounded like someone calling for help), llamas and (for at least a little while) ostriches.

When he was 80-something his kids convinced him to go in for a check-up. The doctor was reviewing his lab results and commended him on his super low cholesterol and fabulous heart health. He asked my neighbor about his normal diet. My neighbor told him he regularly consumed plenty of whole milk, butter, eggs, beef, pork, bacon, etc… The doctor asked him to please keep that information to himself on his way back through the waiting room.

NOW it all makes perfect sense. My neighbor worked VERY hard his whole life, well into his eighties, raised his own animals which had access to pastures and a healthy, clean environment without excessive exposure to antibiotics, etc.


“Dr.” Houltram is an Anaesthetist, qualifying her to give nutrition advice …the campaign is run by the “Plant based health professionals UK” but they are part of an international group of the poorly informed whose partners ( include such serious scientists as (espousing quack diets mindfulness and paying them money as a way to get rich and be happy), (more vegans), and (buy an app all you vegans!) they do have a gastroenterologist from Devon (you know Devon, home of scones and clotted cream) on the website so there is that…