Humor :-)

(Becca) #1236

I also remember laughing at my mom for always using coupons when I was younger, but now I love me some coupons :joy:


I also have a favorite mug, bowl and glass (it’s more of a jug, 0.6l) :slight_smile:

(⚕ ⚕) #1238

Drafting off of my wife mad kitchen skillz, my favorite burner is the one that best suits the current purpose.

(Diane) #1239

Front right. Unless it’s for the tea kettle, then it’s back right.

And it’s just weird, knowing that I have favorites.

(Troy) #1240

From right burner
Even though, cooks slightly un-even. Have to consistently adjust and turn the pan.


Maybe one day I’ll use or try one of the other 3. :joy:




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Use emojis, ffs :joy:

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My inner second grader approves of this humor!

(John) #1246

Incorrect use of texting:

“Got shot on the way to work”

Correct use:

“Stopped by doctor on the way to work for that inoculation”

Sometimes shorter is not better.


(Consensus is Politics) #1248

I have a favorite knife as well. Two in fact. A chefs knife that I use for everything cooking, and a special steak knife out of the set of eight. The steak knife is one that took me nearly an entire day to get sharpened. Friking hard arse steel, after that one I gave up on sharpening the rest. I can tell which one it is, it has a very shiny edge :cowboy_hat_face:.

As for my chef knife…Back around the turn of the century, I used to enjoy The Iron Chef series on the Food channel. This was the original one with Morimoto and the rest. The American one is obviously contrived it stinks on ice. I would prefer not have a TV at all if I was forced to watch that drivel… But I digress…

One of the Iron Chefs always used the same knife. FOR EVERYTHING. Didnt mater what or or how he was cutting it was always his go to knife. Chopping, filleting, didnt matter. Watching him only ingrained my favorite into my soul even deeper. :sunglasses:

(Bunny) #1249

I like using a nice chunk of Tungsten carbide steel, makes knives razor sharp like a surgeons scalpel with only a few passes, most knife sharpeners are useless from my experience with different types of sharpeners, mechanical or otherwise.

Tungsten carbide lumps:


We are also the only species that writes poetry, builds airplanes and tweets.

(Consensus is Politics) #1251

“My used knives were all same at first.After sharpening every day the blades became shorter & handles became worn away”
— Chef Morimoto

(Consensus is Politics) #1252

I have a three sided honing stone. Has coarse, medium, fine grits. I use it for my pocket knives. I used it for one of my steak knives. Just one once, and its held its edge ever since. Its the only sharp steak knife in the house. I keep it in the “last” position in the knife block, no one else reaches that far back. :sunglasses:

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Two ouf ot three ain’t bad, lol! :grin:

(Consensus is Politics) #1254

I agree.

Tweeting is for the… well, you know :wink:

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