Humor :-)


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That sudden jump is intentional. It places the adds back in view again. Scrolling is better than the alternative, clicking next… next… next… dozens of times before getting to it. Yet again, another add based design. I have a habit of putting those domains on my black list.

(Consensus is Politics) #1227

It can also be said she is ‘Worlds Best Kisser’. I for one would have a hard time stopping :wink:.



Bottom left :wink:

(Becca) #1230

Front left FTW :raised_hands:t4:

(Ellen) #1231

Back left, unless I’m cooking up a huge pan of something, then it’s front left.

(Ellen) #1232

It is bloody weird though, like having favourite cutlery etc.

(Becca) #1233

I definitely have a favorite knife, favorite pans, etc :joy: I have pans with nonstick surface and copper on the bottom, I absolutely love them. I’m also thinking about investing in a nice Boos chopping board (or just asking for one as a bday gift :joy:)

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #1234

I have two, favorite is left.

I also have favorite cutlery. If you use my wooden handled butter spreader, I will cut you. But I’ll have to go get a different knife to do so.

(Ellen) #1235

Yep, just never expected being an adult (in years if nothing else) would be this weird, can almost hear my teenage self saying “favourite burner/cutlery etc, WTH???”