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So, do birds actually understand what they’re saying? I always thought that they were mostly just mimicking and repeating. (I have no experience with birds, talking or otherwise.)

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Speaking for my bird, a lot of things he understands the context. Example: He was begging me for a carrot because his dish didn’t have any goodies in it that he fancied. I gave him the carrot, he ate the carrot. After he was done, he went down into his goodie-less dish, looked down at it, literally and audibly tisked and sighed, looked at me and asked me for another carrot. He’s tisked at his dish many times when there’s nothing in there that he wants.

There is that, too. But he knows a great deal of context.


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Two years ago I had a helluva bounty of kale from my garden. I found a recipe for kale chips that had siracha sauce and other delicious spices. They were amazing. Melted in your mouth with a zing of spice.

I can’t wait for my spring crop of kale to make more.

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And getting ready for a murder.

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Heck I’ve missed a lot. But I just did change my sponge.




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I have 2 keets a lovie and a pineapple conure.

Is that a TAG or CAG.

Once a friend of mines bird was mad at him. It was a grey like Z has

Several birds were perched on him when his grey said go poop and all the birds pooped. The grey used my friends voice.

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My kid literally grew up on ST:TNG as I had the video whole series. So years after she has watched the ENTIRE series probably ten times at least, we’re having some discussion – she’s about 12 – and I say casually, something about Worf being an alien.

She gasps in offended horror and nearly yells at me, “Worf’s not an alien!! He’s a KLINGON!!!”

I could only conclude she knew that secret about her true parentage




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I’m going to tell myself this every day.