Humor :-)

(Becca) #1174

Listen, it’s not funny that she crashed (she is ok, though). It’s funny cause this would literally be me if I saw a spider whilst driving :joy:


(Becca) #1175

(Troy) #1176

Driving me Nuts!!

No driver😡
Maybe the driver had to take a “ pea “ break or drop a “nut”?

Not the best Low carb nut of choice
I wanted to still get a FREE sample

Reminded of the famous dumber and dumber vehicle, shagin wagon🙂

(Bob - another over 65 road cyclist ) #1177

I ran into these guys. Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico:

No samples, but I didn’t ask or go see why they were there.


OMG!! @beccs I watched that video multiple times and kept finding things to laugh hysterically about. Thank you.

(Becca) #1179

0:35 guy in the pink pants is me leaving work on a Friday :joy:



(Becca) #1181

Circle of life.

(Candy Lind) #1182

OK for the bear, but fat content’s way too low for keto. :smiling_imp:

(Candy Lind) #1183

OMG! I’m hearing the horn & everything! :rofl:

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(Candy Lind) #1185

Tell your wife she’s a slacker. I never bake less than 3 pounds at a time (OH, and bake it! You’ll never go back to pan-frying.)

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(Mai Nguyen) #1187

The Vietnamese translation is a Bao dumpling with fried proccessed meat and eggs lol :joy:


(Becca) #1189

Yes! All the time, such a lazy piece of shit :joy:

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This, I like.

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(Cynthia Anderson) #1193

Change plants to Keto.