Humor :-)

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so true. at least they’re honest.

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Yeah but I have to be careful with potent odors because of my parrot. They have sensitive air sacs

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It only takes a couple of tablespoons.

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Not worth the risk for me. Id rather eat a few more bacteria than risk it. I wont even cook with nonstick pans of any kind. I dont use any house sprays like Febreeze. I dont use candles, scented or otherwise. The cleaner I use are bird friendly.

He’s kind of a pain in the ass lol.

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@x-Dena-x Picture please! :parrot:

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Here he is, looking all presidential and stuffy.

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Dena, I’m pretty much the same way about the tiny ferret lungs I live with. If it’s summertime and all of the windows are open, I’ll light a candle. I LOVE bleach so when I do the bathroom I open the window and close the door until it’s safe for little lungs to breathe. She, on the other hand, would wallow in the most odorous, plastic smelling bag straight out of the Amazon box until she suffocated if I let her.

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NO kitchen sponges! They are gross! Only dish rags that can be completely dried between uses.

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And I can add in a little bleach to the washing machine.

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Not with my precious microfiber.

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I had a friend going up that had a myna bird that used to squak: “Stand back, I’m an eagle, stand back, I’m an eagle.”

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I haven’t used my microfiber for dishcloths. Ive used them to clean windows, phone screens, mirrors, and to dust inside my car. I’ll have to try washing dishes.

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Lmao! That’s adorable. I would have loved to hear this.

Chino is many animals. He calls himself a “Duck”, “Parrot”, “Bird”, “Chicken”, and his latest edition, which I’m stoked about because it’s my OTHER favorite bird, “Owl”. I thought he kept saying “Owwww” like mimicking me hurting myself, but it turned out to be “Owl”, and now it’s morphed into “Owl Farties” (don’t ask).

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So how does he learn these things? This is so cool.

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A good friend had two birds and one was named Bubba. When you walked out of the room all you would hear is “Your a bad bird bubba, bad bird”. Poor bubba couldn’t get a break.


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It’s very amusing to us. I often forget he’s a bird and it seems more like this little alien creature that every kid wanted to befriend. Well, at least I did.

He has certain sounds he really likes, certain letters of words he likes. He also likes anything said with emphasis and an accompanying silly dance, which I’m more than happy to provide him.

Some things he learns randomly because he decides he likes the way they sound. Other times, we end up saying repetitive nonsense to him, and he picks up on it, sometimes not until a while later when you forgot you even told him. The other morning he told me “What a wet jerk” when I got out of the shower. I said this to him once or twice in the shower with me, because we shower together. I was like “DID YOU JUST CALL ME A WET JERK?”, and he literally laughs.

It’s a great relationship. He has quite the vocabulary. You can have conversations with him. He asks for things in context, he asks to go places he wants to go. If I’m harassing him too much he literally tells me “Stop” lol. I love him to death, and want him to live for a VERY long time, so I’m super de duper protective over everything. He eats better than I do, for sure lol.

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@x-Dena-x He’d probably die at my house from burnt chili fumes! I had a roommate with about 10 birds, a Cockatoo, a couple of Macaws and Mexican Redheads, Love Birds, Parakeets, Myna Birds and Finches. Noisy house sometimes! Several of them talked.:cowboy_hat_face:

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