Humor :-)


Don’t forget, a brand new dish-washing sponge :slight_smile:

(Murphy Kismet) #1115

Saw this on fb.
When keto gets hard, and you want to quit, and then someone comments that you’re looking kinda good. :star_struck:

(Christy) #1116

I’d :sparkling_heart: that 10 times if I could! I am a raging lunatic when it comes to my dish sponges lol.

This is my small stash under the sink … plus who knows how many I have in the pantry :joy:

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1117

I change sponges probably way sooner than normal. You know how they get that “smell” to them? As soon as I sense that, they are re-purposed for let’s just say…crappier tasks. I have the sponge hierarchy. From dishes, to counters, to oven top, to bird cage, to bathroom. Once they fulfill their bathroom life cycle, in the trash.

(Full Metal Keto) #1118

@christylaine @x-Dena-x I like Lysol brand sponges. They are very fine celled and don’t get funky smelling I guess because there are anti microbial compounds imbedded in the foam.



I’m glad i’m not the only one :joy:

(Roxanne) #1120

You can keep the vacuum cleaner, but those KitchenAide attachments…the spiralizer is sooo expensive though!

(Christy) #1121

Same. If it has even the slightest smell it’s gotta gooooo. The funk of a dirty dish sponge is not what’s up. I go through so many because my husband will wipe the floor & try to put it back in the sink like nbd … I caught him wiping the bottom of his flip flops not too long ago :roll_eyes: I pretty much toss them weekly just to be safe lol. If I didn’t run everything through the dishwasher I’d be way more psycho about it.

@David_Stilley I’ll have to check those out. To be honest, I buy the cheapies because I go through them so quickly. But that antimicrobial part has me all excited lol

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1122


My husband ends up boiling the sponges to disinfect them before they move on to their next stage of life. He will actually take a pot, fill it with water, fill it with any utensils that have sat for more than 12 hours unwashed (happens a lot tbh), puts a few sponges in, boils them like a really bizarre soup. Every time I turn around, this guy’s boiling utensils. Then he boils pots of water to dump in the sink. Typing this out actually makes me realize how weird he is. :rofl:

(Christy) #1123

He’s a hot mess sometimes :rofl::rofl: It’s so odd because he’s extremely particular about almost everything … then I catch him doing the strangest shit, like the flip flip thing :woman_shrugging:

Lmao … he boils the silverware?!? Is he a germophobe? I may have to steal his sponge soup recipe, not gonna lie.


I just microwave the sponges. If I think of it. Boiling sounds like a pain. Sometimes they get retired to housecleaning duty. But usually I just get to a point where after ages and ages and ages and ages of not noticing (hello, ADHD), I realized the sponge is just shredding into whatever I’m trying to wash and I toss it out. I do put the scrub brushes in the dishwasher though.

(Edith) #1125

Microwaving the sponge for one minute kills 99% of the germs.

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1126

Exactly. He boils utensils that only WE use, because they’re “unsanitary”, yet we take the subway, and NYC subways are a special kind of filthy, and he’s sitting there gnawing on his nails. I’m like ok wait, 12 hour utensils in our own clean sink=not ok. Filthy subway finger chews=perfectly fine.

Yeah boils the silverware. lol Fill pot with water, dump in random crap. Boil until the kitchen is 98% humidity. Bon apetit.

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1127

It is, but it’s mostly for the silverware, which cannot go in the microwave.

(Edith) #1128

Actually, just found an article that says microwaving doesn’t help. Dang!


Can I infer that you don’t have a dishwasher? It still seems a bit extreme, but makes more sense than boiling them before you throw them in the DW.

(Scott) #1130

He should never work in the food service industry. One trip into the kitchen will make him never eat out again.

(Christy) #1131

There’s a whole lotta “nope” happening in that sentence lol

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1132


Also correct. I’m not the one doing this. I add rubbing alcohol to my dish soap water and thatxs good enough for me. This is why it takes him 4 hours to do a few dishes.

We used to watch Kitchen Nightmares and after that he got all sorts of ideas in his head about what nefarious things are going on in back. Tbh me too lol

(Full Metal Keto) #1133

Bleach is better and cheaper for sterilization. :cowboy_hat_face: