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(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1094

No signs of shrinkage, even! Or maybe that is, and Ron Jeremy ran through your hard. If that’s the case, close your shades and pretend you’re not home.

As an aside: I was on line at security for TSA in Midway airport in Chicago, and I look behind me and Ron Jeremy is behind me in line. He looked like a little troll. He was wearing a badly stained white “Hustler” t-shirt, pink and white Zubaz pants with dogs on them. His hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in 3 weeks, he smelled like an old pillow. I was very grossed out. I said to my friend very nonchalantly, “Ron Jeremy is behind us”, and he didn’t take me seriously because I make nicknames for random strangers all the time. But it was him. Yuckums.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #1095

Gross! TMI

(Christy) #1096

Hahaha! I surely hope not. I’d have to disinfect my whole life.

<Thinks about the smell of an old pillow> :nauseated_face:

I’d rather drink bleach than share the same air as RJ.

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1097


(Bacon is the new bacon) #1098

This must be some nasty guy. Glad I have no idea. . . . :bacon::bacon:

(Christy) #1099

That’s putting it nicely! Lucky you … please fight the urge to google him. Stay strong :fist:

(Bacon is the new bacon) #1100

Will do. I’ve seen enough in my time that I can’t unsee. Don’t need more! :blush:

(Diane) #1101

In solidarity, I’ll resist too!

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1102

I will remove the mystique - he’s a gross old Porn star known for a certain something. Please, do not look else you’ll need to set your eyes on fire.

(KCKO, KCFO) #1103


Have to add they don’t suck on my blood like they used to, I was their favorite flavor, they don’t like ketones all that much I guess.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #1104

Possibly the lack of sugar, as well. I used to be their favorite target, except when I had eaten enough garlic; nowadays, I don’t have to eat garlic (but I still do, because YUM!)

(Ellen) #1105

I’ve not been abroad since starting keto, but I’ve always been been one of those lucky S.O.B’s that never got bit (don’t hate me), hoping keto hasn’t changed that. @PaulL maybe cos I eat a lot of garlic?


Mosquitos are vegans whose females have realised that animal products are way more nutrious.

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(Becca) #1110


Word of Mouth - Listen and learn: how to make better conversation - @bbcradio4

A BBC Radio 4 programme that’s been running for a decade or two about the English language in its many forms.
The link above is just one episode, there are 170 available. Several episodes are about food, flavours, eating etc, but I can’t copy those links - sorry.


(Christy) #1113

If anyone needs me I’ll be daydreaming about new vacuums & nifty KitchenAid attachments :hugs: