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This is very, very wrong…

Peanut Butter and Jelly Macaroni and Cheese with Brown Sugar Streusel and Strawberry “Crackle” (aka Pop Rocks) .

Yes, it’s Disney. No, not all cartoon mice belong in the kitchen.

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Send memes immediately…


I gotta say that is one of THE MOST disgusting food combos I’ve seen in a bit…omg yuk

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Ok.?!!! Just for the record, in a joking sort of way.

I would jump at the opportunity at becoming a Canadian.

Really? Yes.

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So hard to capture footage. It’s mostly fuzzy, like Bigfoot. I mean the photos of Bigfoot are fuzzy, not…well, I guess Bigfoot is fuzzy, too. Not sure, really. Too many hipster beards in Portland, can’t differentiate anymore. I guess I could just look for the guy who isn’t in skinny jeans.

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You don’t think Bigfoot has adopted fashion trends over the years? How do you think he’s lasted so long? Remember when he had a mullet?

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I try to put mullets out of my mind, along with Jolt Cola and neon leggings. I actually knew a guy back in the day who used to empty Pixie Stix into his Jolt, you know, for that lil’ sumpin’ extra. I think it was the sole reason QuikTrip existed on the corner near our highschool.

Never actually tried Jolt, not even sure what it is–fruity, cola, both? None of that ready-made crap for me, though, I was a self-made sugar idiot, queen of the Suicide*.

*Before you tag me, know that Suicides were concoctions obtained by holding a gigantic refillable plastic beverage container (I favored the ones that changed color in different temperatures; I really liked to roll the dice with chromosomal damage) under all 6 soda fountain dispensers for equal amounts of time, producing a usually dark russet-colored Frankenstein monster of liquid diabetes. It didn’t actually taste all that bad, the Hawaiian Punch really put it over the top.

This is how I made it through the horror that was my senior year without controlled substances.

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Do you think thats why we say pigs grunt, cos we also say happy as a pig in s**t

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Well, my video-to-sleep tendency is some czechoslovakian dude who cleans carpets. Yes seriously. It is the same steps always, there is gentle relaxing music, and it’s always going to have a happy ending. It’s my drug of choice lately. :rofl: I thought I was just a weirdo but I’ve seen this guy get up to 1.3+ million views on a video, holy guacamole!! Ref:

Humor, to make this post ok :slight_smile:

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I’ve watched that guy! I highly recommend him. I’m a neat freak minimalist so any time order is being restored somewhere, I’m deliriously happy.

I can’t watch Hoarders, I have to skip to the reveal at the end to offset the twitching.

I also recommend watching other people do yardwork. Very relaxing.

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As Mark Twain wrote: “Work fascinates me. I could sit and watch it for hours.”


I can imagine it to work… And I might have seen such videos, it was nice once or twice but I got bored. Well we in this household and even friend circle are into animals, among others, nowadays we watch little beings under a microscope… The guy has a very nice calming voice, he usually talk fast on another science channel but here? Here there are facts and speculations and thinking about life, more like just wondering about it… It’s soft and light and sloooow.

But when I turn off the computer, I get awake again so it’s not mine. It’s my SO’s “falling to sleep on my bean bag” (he has head miles in his own bed, negative, disturbing thoughts) video watching.
I read in my bed. Supernovas almost always make me sleep and it’s an exciting topic, I LOVE it and read about it hundreds of times… :smiley: But it works nicely.
I have songs for sleep too.

Boring to me. I like to watch people spend weeks on some cute elaborated decorative stuff… It so doesn’t worth it to do that myself (and I lack skills and zillion things but that’s not the point) but watching someone to put all the huge efforts and making something cool? And this in a very well-made video with proper music, talking, great cuts, never boring, never rushed, lights are perfect etc.? Seeing them spending 2 more weeks in tiny nuances when I already would consider it perfect? That is totally worth it.

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I use the movie, You’ve Got Mail. I know every line every scene, every soundtrack, etc. so my mind says, “Oh, this againzzzzzzz…

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Only the old-timers will get this one.

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Well played, karma. Well played.

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So you know how to pack for your summer vacation.

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This. Guy. Is. Amazing.

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