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Pretty soon, they’re gonna call gaming in your mother’s basement “getting crabs.”


It was the butter to me. Though I don’t know fake butter, it is butter or it is not!
I still couldn’t fully regenerate from the watered down butter (real butter with extra 20% water, it’s… I can’t find words)… I gladly eat proportionally less butter than that abomination. It doesn’t make sense. It mocks everything that is butter.
(I always was quite sensitive to low-fat dairy to the point that I didn’t believe in their existence. But lighter butter is something special. It’s butter, it doesn’t need to be lower-fat. Is it butter for margarine lovers or ex margarine addicts I wonder…)

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Easter prep:




love it



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Kerning is everything.

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It reallyreallyis !

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can’t believe Michael didn’t cross post this in the humor thread :wink:

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PS: Touch my bacon and die.

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Grunt, grunt, grunt…

Wait, I don’t think I’m doing this right.

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My Saturday night, in a nutshell.

Except I’m usually viewing natural landslides in Chile or something.

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Gruntled (v.) is a great resource.

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“a back-formation”

I have one of those but I’m hoping keto will take care of it, eventually.

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I can lose hours of my life watching videos….dog, cat, bird, rodent, goat, goose, etc etc etc

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Such a treat to see a herd of etc’s in the wild, especially during the rut.