Humor :-)

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Mistranslation or just excellent boundaries?


omg this is so me
I am a minimalist and any clutter or hoards and more send me over the edge…I can’t watch those shows either!!!

we are polar opposite with others and they don’t get me but I know I loath ‘them’ LOL

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I “lost touch” with a friend who couldn’t understand why I would never come into her house and sit down when I visited.

Because there is a filthy, crunchy trail through the mounds of crap from the front door to the kitchen, that’s why, Barbara. Not to mention that collection of imported oils and vinegars you store right over the stove that are so old, dust bunnies are falling off of them into the food.

I still have flashbacks.


I live with it. MIL is a hoarder and we tried so hard to clean her up to better health literally but she won’t have it but we ‘got in some cleaning’ ONLY to be replaced by more.

so hey I am so into this which is against me being a minimalist truly and turns every single cell into my body against the ICK of it all. omg

but I did eat brownies from her to hubby about 25 yrs ago when offered and then I GOT taken to the home to ‘meet mom’ and the family and when I walked in I said I will NEVER EAT anything from this house again and I NEVER did no matter how much MIL sent over and how much later when it was ‘grandma’ sent over I would not take a bite of that food! omg I know where it came from and omg.

what is worse with this ‘allergy, COPD’ and on oxygen at 80 she has gone down big time with 'what, rat feces in the air nesting in the 100 quilts ‘from family’ and piles of clothes ‘to give someone who needs them’ ugh…she has in the back room and stacks of dust riddled crap and and and…lordy

again I can’t go there but one day hubby said, let it go cause I am and it is what it is and I said fine but omg…yea it is a real issue for many which to this day I say thank the heavens for being drawn to minimal vs. the opposite :slight_smile: I got the good version of it all HA Grab onto minimal any ol’ day and smile knowing I am just that :slight_smile:


I am bad at throwing out stuff. But at least I am not a hoarder…
My SO is a collector. You can’t imagine the mounds of retro computer hardware parts in his room. It started with processors but testing them requires everything else and things got escalated. He has a little space for clothes and the rest is computer hardware. My workout bench and every not full surface on the kitchen ends up holding videocards and whatnots. The floor in the “living room” (it has a coach and I paint my rocks here, we live in our rooms and as for me, partially in the kitchen) ends up with houses and Commodore-64 parts. I built a huge crate for the old C=64 floppy disks, that’s not in his room either…
They cause some hidden floor area with some dust but we clean and it’s a proper collection. And I don’t have it. I only have rocks on a shelf. And skulls on another shelf. And pet rocks in a few places but I paint them and send most of them away.

The vast majority of the cleaning I do is for the kitchen. It’s, like, basic. And I trust my immune system and everything, I am super far from being a cleaning freak but it’s kitchen and food, of course I clean it a lot!
My desk is big and full with papers though. Oh well. Sometimes I tidy it up but me and my stupid notes and exercise books with ideas and whatnots…

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I used to have collections–rare rocks and crystals, garden plants, earrings–then it hit me that I only look at 95% of these things, I don’t actually use them. So, I took photos of everything and gave it all away. I can look at the photo whenever I feel like it.

Okay, I still collect donated art supplies but I’m an artist and I make my own cards and gifts, so there.

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Great, now where am I supposed to dumb?

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I prefer to do my dumbing on the internet in the mornings between my first and second cup of coffee. I drink half-caff so it takes a couple servings to smooth out the dumb. Failing that, there’s always reading national news headlines, which consistently threatens a few IQ points.

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I’m imagining a giant Etch A Sketch with a magnetic spoon.

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Take that, Gordon Ramsay.

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I was brought up in Sandwich where the sandwich was invented :smile:

As a kid I used to live off jam sandwiches!

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That’s so cool! Have they declared an official sandwich for themselves or is there one that is preferred in the area?

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According to Etymonline:

sandwich (n.)

1762, said to be a reference to John Montagu (1718-1792), 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was said to be an inveterate gambler who ate slices of cold meat between bread at the gaming table during marathon sessions rather than rising for a proper meal (this account of the origin dates to 1770).

I’ve read elsewhere that Lord Sandwich might not actually have come up with the idea himself, but he certainly popularised it.

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There’s a joke in there somewhere about using protection but I don’t wanna get banned.

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Not funny like Ha-ha, but funny like WTF?

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I did that with all of my Mom’s record albums when she passed. Some I remembered from childhood and many I had bought for her over the years, so sentimental value in them. I didn’t want to listen to them - just the cover art brought back fond memories so I took pictures of all of them and gave them to Goodwill.

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Excellent example, that would be like a picture book!

I did it with my figure skates. That was my sport from sixth grade until college and my professional skates had a roadmap of scuffs and marks all over them from each adventure. I can still read the map, I don’t have to lug around the skates.

No, I don’t skate, anymore. I lost interest when they started calling it “Ice Wars” at the Olympics.

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Did they really call it “Ice Wars”? I don’t remember that.

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Oh, yes. It was right around the time beating girl’s knees with sticks became a thing. The media latched onto the scandal de jour like a vampire on a neck and rode the ratings all the way to the bank while the athletes suffered behind the scenes. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Fortuitously, I moved to Colorado shortly after and discovered peak bagging, so all’s well that ends well for this adrenaline junkie.

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This is the other side of a fast food fountain. I may hurl.