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This is where size matters, boys.

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This is a different kind of humor.

I used to get a lot of this in my life, which partly explains my supersized hips.

This is the ingredients for McDonald’s French Fries.

You didn’t think it was just potatoes… and this doesn’t even count the rancid seed oil the stuff is fried in!


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Yikes! Not to mention natural beef flavor…why? If you want that, just use real potatoes fried in tallow.

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They can’t use tallow, because some guy sued the pants off them for causing his heart attack. But some food expert did a taste test in their laboratory and was able to confirm that the taste of McDonald’s potatoes fried in tallow was delicious.

What intrigues me is why the “natural beef flavour” contains wheat and milk. How can it be beef, then?

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Everyday I think that I will get 1 large McD fry. I haven’t had them since starting Keto. Just one for old times sake. Then I think better. No. Let everyone else eat them. BTW…I own McD stock…it pays a good dividend!
(Like a drug dealer…never use your own poison)

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Ah, the joys of English-butchering adspeak. “Natural” can legally mean that the wheat and milk are natural. “Flavour” can legally mean it tastes like beef. Whenever you see “flavor” it means “not real, but we know you will buy it, anyway.”

Beaver anal glands excrete stuff that tastes like vanilla and it’s “natural.” Yes, you’ve eaten it. Thank you, FDA.

It’s almost tragic how clever a financial investment this is. No joke, if I ever come into a profane amount of money, I’m investing a fair amount of it in traditional junk foods and using the dividends to buy beef. Safest bet on both ends.

Watch Fat Head for some fun/disgusting history on the whole Mickey D’s oils debacle.


But nothing tastes like beef, only beef. I think,. I have little experience with beef but nothing ever tasted like meat to me, only meat (bacon flavor is special but it’s salty and smoked, that’s half win, they just need something vaguely similar somehow and even I accept it. but I usually find bacon not very flavorful so maybe that’s why). And it’s very very individual. I don’t think everyone lies about feeling things just like something super different but my hedonistic and food loving tastebuds are hard to trick.

I never understood the McD hype, by the way. I never ate McD, true but it can’t be so good :smiley:
(I ate once at Burger King as I couldn’t avoid it.)

I never liked french fries. I liked my own chips, the color closer to black than to yellow, 100% crunchiness…

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Back at Thanksgiving, I was joking about the sweeteners being labelled, “plant based” (erythritol and allulose at the time), so I said, “aren’t they all? Has anyone heard of animal-based sweeteners?” Ha, ha, right?

One my sister-in-laws’ cousins said something about beaver anal glands and I thought she was hitting the wine a bit too much.

Now I realize I owe her an acknowledgement or the feedback on it.

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The subject of those particular aquatic mammals and their anatomy is rife with humor, I urge you to take advantage of that when you prepare your follow up conversation. (Translation: I know far too many bad jokes.)


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That is one major cutie-pie!

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Yeah, they’re adorable until they try to chomp on you. Not the most amiable of the rodentia clan, but adorbs from a distance. Kind of like pre-teens.

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“Darling, you had me at cheese.”

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Wait…where’s the pliers?

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But the butter is still called butter.

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Yeah, and we waited for commercials and the person to get up first had to change th4 channels. Talk about lazy.

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And when the President came on all four channels and talked for an hour…




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