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You finally stumped me. I hate to ask for an explanation of a joke, but I can’t get there… I see the dust coming down on man’s head, I see the cat peeking around the corner.
I give.

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It’s humour from the New Yorker magazine. It’s an acquired taste. The cartoonist is a favourite of the magazine’s readers.

My favourite of his is the one where she’s brought the car in for repair, and the mechanic is interpreting one of the dogs’ twitches and scratches as diagnostics of the problems with the car. (I told you it was an acquired taste!)

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Yeah, I usually love these and ‘get it’.
I like quirky etc. Just baffled with this one.

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George Booth has been my favorite cartoonist since I was nine years old. Charles Addams comes a close second. I was reading The New Yorker when all my friends were reading The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. They didn’t get it, either.

My mom’s favorite was “Aphids on the heliotrope!” I favored the ones with cats or the guy in the tub.


you’re in good company, I ain’t got a clue on it either. It shows nothing about why she would say that line in that sketch LOL



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And B.C. was one of my other favorites. ZOT!

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Challenge accepted.

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If I’ve learned anything from these forums, it’s these two important facts: (1) Coffee is bad on a ketogenic diet, because it inhibits ketosis; and (2) coffee is excellent on a ketogenic diet, because it stimulates ketosis.

You’re welcome.

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What the–? Never heard that one before. Does it depend on how many gallons, or–?

All I know is that, without coffee, my ketogenic journey would have taken a lot longer because incarceration for murder is a real set back in achieving life goals.

You’re welcome.

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I just sip my coffee and don’t worry 'bout it either way. :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:

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Dr. Oz wasn’t the first.

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@PaulL obviously hasn’t hit the break room yet.

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Yeah. And I’m hoping there are another two or three signs up, as well! :bacon::bacon::bacon:

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When your friend tryin’ take your last piece of bacon…

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Still have one obnoxious family member giving you crap for going keto? There’s a holiday comin’ up for that…




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