Humor :-)

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Restaurant address, please.

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“Gwyneth Paltrow is a food blogger like someone on death row is a life coach.”

–Greg Proops

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I always hope vending machines have something lowcarb for me

Finally here’s an alternative :rofl:

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@RightNOW What do they call it, Tricks or Treats?


Is that a real product LOL
Just made me smile but a pic of the back label woulda been cool, I would have loved to see ‘unicorn meat’ as the first ingredient HA
too funny



finally, a plant that knows what is the best food…look at those FANGS!

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yea as long as we don’t ‘know them’ all bets are off.
kinda resonates with world issues don’t it LOL
being snarky but hey…weee…

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the first I get…honestly the second joke I don’t get.
dog flailing at a diner counter and her soul doesn’t want chick soup and wants chocolate? someone tell me on this one, I just don’t see it HAHA yea me sad on this one

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I’m not sure the dog is relevant, unless it’s supposed to represent Maxine’s soul.

Chicken Soup for the Soul is the name of an inspirational book, and it turned into a whole series of Chicken Soup for . . . titles. I’m with Maxine. I’ve had enough.

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The dog is her sidekick in every comic. Like a child, he gets into shenanigans relevant to the setting. A child would spin on the bar stools for fun. Because child. Would you like me to explain the slippers now?

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still ain’t go a clue but it is all good that some of ya get it…weee…


I don’t get the first just the second :smiley: {Okay, I googled. So apparently sole is a type of fish. I didn’t know that.}
And the lady does the talking, her mouth shows it. And anyway, it’s her style, I like these comics.

I have such a book though I didn’t know the English name is Chicken Soup, it’s different in Hungarian. I don’t know what could be chocolate for the soul… Maybe I will think about it…

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There are a lot of memes and jokes about women loving / needing chocolate. I think that is behind Maxine’s quip. It really is a thing how much we love chocolate. At least I can relate.


soul? chk soup, and chocolate. I guess somehow that works :partying_face: :unicorn:

Soon to be released back into the wild thru a Wildlife Predator Program.
Are we still top of the food chain when this sucker is rehab’d back into the wild? :weary: :scream:



Oh Fangs, don’t do this to me. How a silly idea, salad :D. People invented that and I still don’t understand them…

(I was the type of vegetarian who disliked salads and green leaves. I LOVED most of the other vegetables but salads make no sense to me. Except one type but it was rare and fatty and had some protein in it too. Ate it alone as most stuff. It was mostly water intake and joy I suppose, obviously not a meal.
Meat is just perfect alone. Or with eggs in my case.)

@Cosmic1: Chocolate is loved by people, no matter the gender. It’s so very obvious looking at people so I have no idea why women is famous for it… It’s possible they eat it more often but tons of men love sweets… And chocolate is a very popular one among sweets. I can relate. It’s fatty, first of all. Not fatty sweets always had a super hard time to win my favor. And cocoa is neat too. Creaminess (in some cases or states, I typically melt my chocolate. or make it thin and crunchy in the fridge, that works too). Going with many other stuff…

Erm. I didn’t really want to talk about chocolate, it just happened. My old fav, I ate a lot on keto but just a little a day except sometimes (when I thought 2900 kcal on keto is extreme. I did 4100 on carnivore since but meat brings fat easier than chocolate if one is me).

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