Huge butcher shop score today :-)


A new butcher shop opened up in the neighbourhood a couple of months ago, specializing in free range, pasture raised meats.

But, something even better makes me excited!!!

I gave them a call this morning and asked what they do with the fats they shave off their cuts of meat. They said it all goes in the organic garbage bin.

I then asked if they are willing to donate it to me…and they said yes. All I have to do is call in the morning, and they will have two bags ready (one beef fat, and the other pork fat). I will go pick up my first “gifts” today, right before they close…my hope I get great quality fats…fingers crossed!!)

While I’m there, I will ask if they clean the fish they sell. If they do…I will volunteer to be the organic trash bin for their fish carcasses…for making fish stock.

Tee hee…so happy!! :slight_smile:

Free lard and tallow

Oh, wow! You are so lucky!

Enjoy!!! :sunglasses:

(David) #3

I think I will have an enquire the next time I go on my butchers. I have a good rapport with them now that they overcharged me £200 the last time I went in to buy bacon.

That’s a story for the funnies forum along with a CCTV picture of me entering the shop. Lol.


You can get bones there for making bone broth too.

(David) #5

Geographic reminder set on my phone. Cortana will remind me next time I go there.