How to up my fat and fibre, but not protein?

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Ignore % calculates macros, use a gram amount. Which is closer to 5% carbs in most cases. At any rate just because you may be a bigger person using a percentage based measurement of carbohydrate will allow you more than 20g. of carbs. A big person doesn’t need more carbs than a petite one. Stick with a 20 gram limit on carbs no matter your size. Percentage macros are messed up. If you underconsume protein and fat based on a percentage macro your carb macro may be at an undesired high percentage. Eating extra fat and protein will make carb overconsumption look okay percentage wise. So use grams for accuracy. Percentages are worthless tracking keto macros in my opinion. I am sure someone will disagree but this is what makes sense to me, chasing percentage macros to try and make them perfect will drive you crazy and it’s a waste of time and nearly impossible to have things in balance at the end of the day. Daily amounts naturally vary some and that’s okay. Focus on being satisfied with your food instead keeping your carb limit. It looks like you need more fats to balance things. I’m not speaking in macro lingo here but in actual weights of protein and fat, equal weights of those two will give you a balanced fat to protein ratio with double the calories of fat compared to protein. Early in keto especially you should be consuming more fat than protein, later after fat adaptation has occurred (2+ months) you can dial back on fat to burn more body fat, but until your body gets better at utilizing body fat more dietary fats are needed to boost your metabolism and get it accustomed to burning fats as your main fuel source.


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I respect your diligence at finding exactly what works for you. However I consume about 1g. protein per pound of lean body mass, or over 2g. Per kilo and I am loosing weight weekly. I am 60 years old and have gone down from 205lbs to 162lbs in 9 months doing this. I consume between 130-155g. of protein daily and less fat because I have been at keto 9 months and body fats are making up any shortages of dietary fats. I also consume a decent amount of lean meats, my body fat percentage is estimated at 19% now compared with 27% when I started keto.
I basically flipped my fat and protein macros so protein is higher than fat in gram amounts. Everyone is different metabolically. YMMV :cowboy_hat_face:

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It “CAN” be… also need to define “excess”

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Usually your statements are very articulate, I’m not sure what you mean by defining excess? I never used that word in my post. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Dena said it “WILL”. I’m correcting that to: it “CAN”.

Also Dena said “excess” protein. That term undefined can cause confusion because what is excess depends… she’s a grammarly nerd after all :smiley:

So she would be right based on my experience. But we need to refine and define the terminology.

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@Karim_Wassef You directed the comment to me, so I got confused. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I did because you said her comment was debatable so I was debating. She’s right because she’s referencing my experience, but it’s also incomplete - so you’re right too. :smiley:

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In the absence of carbohydrate, protein raises my blood glucose.

I remember my diabetes nurse getting very antsy when I told her that with my insulin dosage calculating I ‘count’ two eggs as anything from 10-15g carbs (depending on time of day), because (in the absence of carbs) they raise my blood glucose by the amount that 10-15g carbs would.

She was horrified! Injecting insulin with no carbohydrate? ‘We wouldn’t recommend it’, she said.

In the same meeting she said that when fasting for a spell of basal rate testing these days, that means water only - whereas in the past they used to say that you could eat anything that didn’t contain carbohydrate - eggs, ham, sugar-free jelly, for instance - when basal rate testing.

And why was that, I asked.
‘Because those foods can have an effect on blood glucose.’

Contradiction, much? :wink:

To summarise, I know that many T1Ds need to bolus insulin for protein in the absence of carbs. Because of this, I’m kind of thinking that protein in the absence of carbs consumed by a person without diabetes would elicit an insulin response.

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist - just voicing my own experience here! YMMV.


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I don’t think anyone is arguing that protein doesn’t raise glucose & insulin in the post prandial window :slightly_smiling_face: The debate is over whether or not excess dietary protein will cause the liver to dump glucose & also elicit an insulin response willy nilly throughout the day when technically fasted.

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Cool, thanks for the clarification, Safi!


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You’re welcome Rebecca - you’ll find that this particular debate happens quite frequently around here :sweat_smile: