How to interpret blood glucose for newbies


Hi everyone. I recently inherited my first blood glucose meter. I have read enough to know that I’m not diabetic. (without taking any other measurements lol). So I thought I would see how my blood responded to wine at the beginning of a night compared to the end of a night. My first reading was a 4.2. After a half hour it gave me a reading of 4.3. At the end of the evening it gave me a reading of 4.7 after 3 glasses of wine along with some kielbasa and bacon. I’m honestly very new to the world of blood glucose monitoring and am looking to either be directed towards a resource that can explain it easily or just help me understand more. Thanks a bunch. I have used the search on ketogenic forum and come along lots of good info but am still struggling


If you are testing food, I would take a reading pre eating/drinking the food in question then follow up each half and hour for 2 hours when it should return pretty much to the pre eating/drinking level. I usually take a daily reading in the mornings after I get up and before eating or drinking anything. Not sure if that is what you are after but it is what I do/have done.


It is what I’m after and what I did today. However I’m just unsure how much a swing of .5 is as I went from a 4.2 to a 4.7 on the accuchek Aviva. It doesn’t seem like a large amount but I mean. I really don’t know as it’s kind of a trial run for science and to see how it goes. I also want to try different artificial sweeteners and see which one my body works best for. I’ve been keto for 4 months but only recently inherited my father’s old blood meter and wanted to get some readings and find out more information for myself. For example. What is a reasonable swing in glucose response over a 30 min and 1 hour test


Gosh, that is really going to depend on you and your BG reaction. The tighter the range the better really because that indicates less impact and then a timely return to normal levels is also key. A drop in BG can indicate an insulin spike re artificial sweeteners so something to watch for.

It depends what I have eaten but most keto meals see a fairly narrow swing just like your’s. If I were to have something carby it could easily go up into the 7s or higher within an hour. You have a lovely starting level. I have got mine into the 4s before now an am working to get back there. I currently vary from about 4.7-5.7 in my daily readings.

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Thanks a bunch for the links. I’ll have some reading to do