How often do you have a "cheat" meal?

(Empress of the Unexpected) #22

Why do you consider it cheating? Does it take you over your carb allowance for the day?

(Susan) #23

I try to keep my carbs under 15g. An entirely arbitrary number so that I am sure I don’t go over 20g. The peanut butter usually puts me over. Especially after a meal of cauliflower mac and cheese with ground beef.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #24

Yeah, that’s such a bummer about the carbs in peanut butter, nuts and seeds!

(Bob M) #25

I’ve been low carb almost 5 years. I’ll cheat on vacation and holidays, some birthdays. Random times in between, such as having potatoes with a meal.

(chad) #26

Holidays and special events

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #27

Special occasion, and maybe 2-3 a month. Some months none. Some as many as four. Meals, not days. When on vacation, I do IF, walk 80% more, and indulge at dinner. Or breakfast and then heavy protein for lunch and dinner. On upcoming November vacation, will be indulging with wine and food. Will try and walk about 9 miles and keep the carbs to value. Artisanal bread, good pasta, desserts. And back on as soon as we get back.

I should note, I am not T2, I am near goal, I’m reasonably metabolically healthy.

(Rob) #28

Am I too strict?

I don’t believe you should have any. I don’t have cheat meals or keto desserts. I think it makes the keto life style harder. I don’t think you brake the sugar addiction by fooling the brain. Would you suggests alcoholics get cheat drinks?

When I see others eating ice cream or chocolates now I have no desire to join them. I don’t say anything out loud but on the inside I’m thinking “wow do you know how bad that is for you?”

I lost 80 lbs & fear going back so carbs are like poison to me.

(Laurie) #29

Too strict for what? Sounds like it’s working for you.

I lost 50 pounds in 11 months on Atkins about 12 years ago. I was very strict. I might have inadvertently eaten the wrong food at times (e.g., maybe someone gave me a regular Coke instead of diet Coke), but I never did it on purpose.

Then I accepted a piece of pie at Christmas time. I’ve been struggling ever since. I can rationalize having just one piece of this or that, but it I don’t have any success stories to go with it. I appreciate hearing from people who are “too strict”!

(Allie) #30

A lot depends on your definition of cheating as what one person considers a cheat another may not. I had a big plate of sweet potato fries the evening before last as I wanted to see what happened and if they’d help me sleep a bit better. I didn’t notice any differences at all, either good or bad, and when I checked blood less than 24 hours later ketones were 1.1 and glucose 4.6mmol. That to many would’ve been a cheat (I prefer treat to cheat as when I decide to do it it’s a conscious decision fully within my control), but to me it’s had no effect at all.

Now if the real question is wanting to know how often I cheat with sugary unhealthy foods like candy, bread, pasta, etc. then the answer is a very clear never as I have no difficultly keeping those things out of my life.

(Troy) #31

Nicely Said😄
So true

(Rob) #32

Yes exactly I was speaking of sugary junk food cheats but also artificial sweeteners. Personally I can’t get away with it “once in awhile” like some people can. It causes crazy binges.

(Allie) #33

Occasionally I will make a keto cake or whatever that uses sweetener in the recipe, but it’s rare and even when it happens, I’ve learnt to use way less sweetener than the recipes call for or it seems sickly.

Some people just have to completely avoid everything sweet including the supposedly safe sweeteners due to them triggering sugar cravings. Sounds as if you’re one of those people. One of my friends (not a member on here sadly) avoids all sweet tastes completely but has found that adding a good quality vanilla powder to baking recipes can make them just perfect for her. Maybe an idea for you?

(SleepyMotherOf3 🇬🇧) #34

I am strict 99% of the time and eat whatever I want the other 1%, on a weekly basis.
Still losing weight, but deliberately plateaued over the school holidays to eat ice cream and cakes on days out. Now back on it and losing again.
Some individuals can’t cheat at all but for me it makes keto do able.
Keto gives me the control that no other way of eating has.

(Lisa marie t) #35

Honestly I’ve not cheated in the 7 months I’ve been on keto.that’s my choice tho.not even with fruit.I honestly miss bread.but won’t. I’ve come too far to cheat.

(Todd Allen) #36

If they were fried in tallow or duck fat I might have a couple but I’d be wary of places using vegetable oils.

(Allie) #37

Tbh, they were store bought and oven cooked so I almost expected a bad reaction but honestly nothing. Going forward I may well just buy sweet potato and make my own.

(Omar) #38


because I do not feel the urge or the need for cheat


Once a month, only one meal.

(Allie) #40

(Allie) #41

I get more irritated by how much I’m NOT eating because I buy food and it just seems to build up in the freezer… :joy: I’ve decided October is the month to use it all up as it’ll be a tight month for money (final car payment 3 x the usual amount) so I’ve banned myself from buying more food. I may end up getting creative :joy: