How much saturated fat is considered 'safe'

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Something I learned on these forums is that for many people, gastric reflux is caused, not by excessively acid digestive juices, but by insufficiently acid digestive juices. So the cure, for such people, is to eat more of acidic foods, and to avoid antacids. Moreover, I suspect that a species-appropriate diet would avoid this problem altogether.

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Yep you may well be right. My LPR was significantly improved until I started consuming a lot of cheese. When I first got diagnosed I was put on 2 PPIs a day but after 4 months took myself off them cus they ruined my stomach and gave me round the clock bloating. I’ve tried enzymes, HCL, ACV…none of them are a magic pill so maybe dairy free keto for a sustained period will yield better results but I’ve taken quite a liking to cream in my tea.

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I track my BG once every morning so I can spot trends. Last few days I’ve had 5.4, 5.4, 5.2 and this morning 6.2. Does that mean I’ve eaten something that doesnt suit me or is it just normal to get the odd higher reading? I cooked Ribeye steak with loaded cauliflower mash off dietdoctor.

Ive just had a quick input and it doesnt appear to be high in carbs, maybe 10g or so but theres obv a bit of processed cheese.

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How was your sleep?
That can be a big factor with early morning numbers.

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Wasn’t too bad. I got up multiple times to wee but that’s normal for me. I did eat high protein as well yesterday. Maybe 180g or so roughly so that’s potentially another thing.

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I would just put it down to be one of those things while it’s a one off.


Depending on the fats you eat, your cholesterol might get even better, but those numbers are already pretty good.

I make kefir from 1½ liters of whole milk, blend in a banana, add heavy cream, and leave in the fridge for a 2nd ferment. In the morning I siphon off most of the whey.

Since most of the milk carbs are in the whey (along with the minerals like calcium and the water soluble vitamins), the result is fairly low carb (if it weren’t for the banana lol)

My carb limit is fairly high though, maybe because I’m lean and pretty active? That’s how I can ‘get away with’ that banana and, as a mid afternoon snack, an orange or some other juicy fruit. I’m in ketosis 24 7, so it’s all good (I have one of those meters). Your mileage may vary, of course


Wow. There are people worse than I was as a newbie regarding banana :smiley:

Okay so as it was a special case, I can tell how much kefir fits someone’s keto who keep their carbs lower and don’t need many carbs for normal food. It can be calculated but real experiences have their value :slight_smile:
Well, if I really want, I can eat 300g (but I choose greek yogurt, actually) and still be below 20g (if I am a tad careful regarding my other items). Not like I have such a limit, my animal carbs don’t seem to matter.
But I do carnivore (or almost) on my good days. For a normal ketoer it may be different. When I was a newbie ketoer, I needed so much carbs for my vegs and oily seeds that I couldn’t afford more than 1-3g for fruits or yogurt… Of course, if it was SO important for me, I would have sacrificed something.
But 300g yogurt is very much (after I trained myself for years to keep my sour cream consumption minimal. sour cream is AWESOME), significantly less is very pleasant too. I never would use it when hungry, that wouldn’t end well, it’s my dessert. So I don’t overeat it due to hunger.