How much saturated fat is considered 'safe'

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I don’t limit or track it at all, saturated fats have been demonised by the same thinking that promotes a “healthy” high carb diet…

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Well, there’s ya problem!

How much sat fat can you eat? Try to avoid eating so much that you vomit. Seriously, sat fat is so satiating it is really hard to overeat. Health wise, it is the best fat you can eat. Do not believe the conventional wisdom about cholesterol. Complete bollox.

Eat as much as you like.

(Allie) #23

Go for thighs instead, I get thigh fillets.
Always opt for the fatty cuts of meat.

(Tony H) #24

I had a cheesy omelette for breakfast today and for the first time in a while didnt feel hungry after eating! Washed it down with a bulletproof coffer for a total of about 650 cals with 56g fat and 33 saturated. This will become my staple breakfast from now.


But if you are hungry, why do you eat so small meals? Maybe you should eat more even if you don’t feel the need but know you will - or if you can, eat more later?
I managed to make a too low-cal tray today (about 1000 kcal, I hadn’t much leftover meat, I planned to eat later so the new slab is defrosting) but I am at home and when I realized it wasn’t enough, I ate some pork jowl (a 60g piece is about 500kcal, I keep it to boost calories if needed but it’s very tasty anyway. I don’t normally am able to eat overly fatty stuff but this is awesome. and processed, smoked, cooked but it’s not a staple, just a little help) and a bunch of other things, I was hungry.
But sometimes I add a single fatty sausage, easy to eat and helps with calories and satiation… Maybe you have something you like too? Added fat never helps me (when I need satiation, not just calories, I mean) so I don’t do that. But it works for other people.

45g? I checked 2 days of mine after you made this thread, 50g seems to be normal for me but 70g isn’t a challenge either. I don’t care about this, I need little carbs and enough protein to feel right, I need my calories, of course my sat and monounsat fat will be over 50g and sometimes over 100 or 150g, what else? I need to eat something (a lot) and that’s better proper, fatty protein so my two types of fat goes up.

I surely ate a similar amount or even more saturated fat before my low-carb times, it seems my body has no problem with it :wink: (And I have good genes too so I could be healthy while eating much carbs and much sugar with my tons of fat… I won’t do that to my poor body again. But fat? That is my preferred energy source and I avoid the worst ones.)


Yay, good you found something that worked. It might not be the same every day, we are not robots but hopefully it will be a good match on many days to come! Or you will find something else. Most of us would get bored of the same first meal every day…

But drinking calories is often easy indeed, it can come handy.

I am curious how long term your satiation was. Getting satiated is one thing, sometimes quite big but it’s important to last it for long enough.

(Tony H) #27

I had my breakfast around 10am and I ate lunch at maybe 2:30. It was really nice not to be hungry straight after eating. I ate chicken breast last night and within 20 mins felt super hungry. This was the first time in quite a while that didnt happen to me. I plan on mixing in some bacon/sausage to keep mixing it up but hopefully this will keep me and my stomach happy for a while.

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Sadly, until you get your mind unwrapped around this widespread misinformation like this (likely pushed by your “nutritionist”) you’re going to remain stuck.

Instead, repeat after me …

  1. Carbs = bad.
  2. Saturated fat = good.
  3. Cholesterol = healthy.
  4. Calorie restriction = sucks.


(Tony H) #29

My nutritionist hasnt taught me that, the establishment has. Were taught saturated fat is bad for us from a young age. That said today I ate 75g of the stuff and feel very satiated.

(Joey) #30

Sorry, I shouldn’t have disparaged your nutritionist. Most are schooled in the establishment rituals.

Those that don’t toe the line have been ostracized and dragged before disciplinary boards. I should be more forgiving as it’s a conundrum for those that need to earn a living.


Yep, it would be QUITE uncomfortable without cell membrane and stuff… It’s so crazy that people learned that cholesterol is BAD. It keeps us living!!! The more knowledgeable one “knows” LDL is bad. Sigh.

And there was a time when people thought sugar is essential… Sugar. Not even carbs. Table sugar.
(Don’t tell me if some still think that. I don’t wanna know.)


How much saturated fat is considered “safe”?

All of it?? :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::joy:

(Bob M) #33

To actually eat a diet “high” in saturated fat, meaning higher than 50% saturated fat for the fat portion of the diet, you have to resort to dairy. Meat is mainly MUFA.

Of course, the “high” saturated fat limits are based on no evidence whatsoever.

I still think it’s a crime that my kids can’t get whole milk in school, but they can get non-fat chocolate milk.

(Tony H) #34

Yep cheese is mainly how Ive ramped it up but yesterday my LPR reared its head so I may try cutting dairy out for a week and see if that nips it in the bud. Possible it could be the bulletproof coffee so will eliminate both for a week then reintroduce one at a time.


I’m eating a ketogenic fatty beef, tallow, fermented dairy (aged Gouda, homemade kefir with heavy cream) diet with some plants thrown in because tasty (aliums, mushrooms, some fruit).

As you can imagine my saturated fat intake is through the roof, but my lipid panel is exemplary: HDL 1.7, LDL 3.5, TG .56 (TG / HDL: ⅓). That’s 66, 135 and 50 (TG/HDL:⅔) respectively if you’re using the other measuring system

(Tony H) #36

Kefir is something Id like to consume daily but it does get pretty carby real fast, how much a day do you consume? Also congrats on those blood panels, they look very reassuring. I’ve been low carb for over a year now before starting keto and was told by my GP that my cholesterol is great but I dont really get it tbh and Im finding out that what is consdiered great cholesterol by a GP standard isnt considered so great in the keto world. I had HDL 1.12, LDL 2.23, TG 0.55 with a Total cholesterol/HDL ratio of 3.21. Id imagine they will change a lot off keto but will be interesting to see. A few years ago my GF tried keto and shortly after GP put her on statins. Obv we knew no better so she took them and stopped the diet.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #37

The ratio to look at is triglycerides over HDL. Yours is 0.55 / 1.12 = 0.49, which is excellent. A ratio of 0.9 or lower (2.0 or lower in U.S. measurements) indicates a very low cardiovascular risk.

(Bob M) #38

What’s LPR?

If it’s a type of blood lipid (which contains, but is not, cholesterol), I wouldn’t get too excited. I’ve reached the conclusion that LDL is near useless or possibly completely useless as a measure of anything (save maybe FH).

If you want an accurate gauge of risk, get a CAC scan. Anything else, and you’re just guessing.

(I should say that there are better scans than CAC, but expensive and hard to get.)

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Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

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