How much protein should be consumed in keto diet

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Don’t worry too much about protein. Eat and amount of meat that feels right and add enough fat to satisfy your hunger.

If your weight is 74 kg, then 100-110 g of protein is certainly not too much. That means 400-440 g of beef, and more of fish (since its protein content is somewhat lower). Most people, if left to eat what feels right, get somewhere around 15% of their calories from protein.


It depends on things, calorie intake is very important but taste and protein needs plays a big role too, obviously. But for a normal person, 15% is believable I think…

My good days have 30% protein (often even my high-cal ones) but a really superb one had 38% lately… And I had minimal protein (close to 130g) on that day so I was very pleased. Some of my 30% days had surprisingly low protein, I was elated, it seems very great food choices and a small eating window actually can lower my minimum protein, I keep experimenting with that.

I can’t go below 25% without massive overeating and lots of carbs I think.
It’s so odd I have these more fixed percentages while my grams are all over the place but I noticed this ages ago. First I thought it’s my taste, of course I eat 65% fat very nearly every day, almost no matter how much I eat… But I learned to like lean meat for important reasons (I still prefer fatty ones but what can I do? I need to keep my fat intake as low as possible. and I enjoy myself this way too ;)) and my percentages are still stubborn. But there is some variety and I like to study these and think and refine my diet.

You mean fat and protein? But it would be very low-cal…
My ratio likes to be around 1:1 due to my tastes and protein/energy need and efforts to keep fat that low… But it isn’t really important. It is for therapeutic keto and for some people without therapeutic keto, though. I have found I don’t need to care about my own ratio ever. I focus on protein and calories instead (I stopped caring about carbs, I just stay close to carnivore with not too much dairy and all is well). Well I don’t FOCUS on calories, I just eat enough to be satiated basically all day and if it’s too much fat, I tweak something. I don’t tend to eat too much protein without eating too much fat.


How many times per day do you eat? Even at four times per day, it is 60–75 grams per meal. Are you an extreme bodybuilder? Most people in that space talk about an upper protein limit of about 2.2 g/kg/day. You exceed this by a wide margin.

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Just twice. If a good steak is about 50g of protein, I’m defo over 100g of protein a day. So I’d be about 1.5g / kg /day (I’m 74kg) … I’m a pig lol

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It’s difficult to eat too much protein. When I was testing to see whether high protein caused a blood sugar increase (back when I had a CGM), I ate many single MEALS with 160 + grams of protein in them. Felt great, no hunger.

The only time I had an issue was a fast of 36 hours with a workout at 32 hours. I then ate 1.5+ pounds of very lean beef. I estimated over 240 grams of protein. That made me somewhat sick to my stomach.

But that was an outlier, as I’m not sure why I ate that much. (Lately, when I fast 36 hours, I can barely make it though a normal meal, with a lot less protein than that 240 grams.)

From my perspective, I see nothing wrong with eating 100g of protein per meal for two meals per day. I’m sure someone is going to throw a “rabbit starvation!!!” in here or maybe “but that’s more than what’s recommended!!”, but oh well. I’ve not been injured from it, and I do it all the time, depending on what my dinners are. But I also do 50-60 minutes of body weight training, to failure for many sets, twice a week, and then about 90 minutes of body weight training one day per week. Maybe that helps?

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This was my concern. I’m new and learning. After a great start I’m gaining weight!

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Ignoring the scale, do you have any idea what is happening? For instance, how are your belts? The same or have you had to go bigger? How about your pants/shorts? Fitting tighter or looser or no change? If you’re married or otherwise wear rings, how easy or difficult is it to get your ring(s) on or off? How do you look in the mirror? How does your face look? What about your skin? What about skin tags (if you have those)? What about allergies, better/worse/no change? What is your energy level like? Are you more depressed, less depressed, no change? How is your sleep?

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No idea. I’m considering everything hence the protein idea. I feel great through! It’s just 1kg extra but I was going the other way.
Everything you mention is unchanged or better… I’m just rushing things no doubt

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The idea of too much protein comes from Phinney’s observation that protein intake above a certain amount appears to inhibit ketogenesis, I’ve never heard him explain why that should be, however.

Rabbit starvation is defined as “protein toxicity,” but the original observations involved a lack of fat in the diet. And I would suspect that the problem is not just lack of energy, but also lack of the essential fatty acids. I suspect that the re-framing of it as protein toxicity is the result of the belief that fat can’t possibly be good for us. The only protein toxicity I’m aware of (and perhaps @richard will see this and comment?) is from an excess of ammonia (from deamination of the excess amino acids) overwhelming the uric acid cycle.

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Can you tell whether you are gaining muscle (and denser bones) or gaining fat?


@ffskier: I don’t know about Iskandar but when I eat 240g protein (very rarely as it’s very much for me, a not very active, not muscular short female), it’s usually 2 meals.
I easily consume 150g protein in one sitting, it’s not even much meat…

As I have learned from @PaulL, 3.3g/kg is the true limit for real problems (protein toxicity) and while I easily go over it on some days, my average is significantly lower and I never experienced any problem. Once I’ve read that about 1.7g/kg is what one normally can use (but there is some individual differences and of course, it’s without steroids), a bit higher is great to be safe but then it gets unnecessarily high but not unhealthy unless it’s really high. So if one has some other reason to eat high protein, it may be the best idea. I usually go over 2.2g/kg because it’s super hard to stay below, I need to do almost everything right and I am not nearly as good. But if I really focus, my average protein intake is low enough for me to be pleased with it.

Many people follow the 1g/pound rule, that gives us a higher protein target/limit. And I am pretty sure it’s very much unnecessarily in most cases but each to their own…

Sure, with your small steaks :smiley: I used to think my decent sized 21oz meat meals (it’s not the norm for me, meat give me too easy satiation quite often and anyway, I love eggs too) are respectable but some people don’t even slow down after such amounts… :smiley:

I never could go that far (except when I tried and failed to get satiated with chicken but I couldn’t track then) but 170g for a meal, yep, I did it, it felt great (and I didn’t eat much for my second meal if I had that to begin with :smiley: nice, big, satiating meals are the best!). Leaner red meat is just too satiating for me (but I would start to eat fat at some point anyway. I don’t do lean meals).
But it makes sense that so very much feels bad.

Maybe but when I drop my activity to almost zero, I still can’t eat less protein (I don’t seem to need less energy either, for satiation). And I don’t start to get problems with high protein.

It may be the very normal bodyweight fluctuations. 1kg is very little, the human body easily grab much more water just because. Not mine, my weight is extremely stable but most people have noticeable fluctuations and some people have HUGE water weight changes without going off keto.

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I can’t but I’m keeping an eye on the tap measure. I had a mad rush of energy and weight loss, I guess the honeymoon is over … but the wedding is still a happy one :slight_smile:


A good Keto diet has a moderate amount of protein. Not a high amount. Diets about 2 grams/kg show no additional benefit in maintaining lean body mass. Different if you are bodybuilding. A 24-ounce Rib-eye has about 120 grams of protein and about 150 grams of fat.


So be it, I still won’t feel I am starving almost every night (and I actually would starving too I suppose though it’s theoretically possible to eat a lot of fat with a tiny protein), that’s not how I roll. If I am hungry without high protein, I eat high protein. My body approves :wink:

I actually do my best to minimize my protein intake now and I am proud how low I managed to make it. I did better than in my wildest dreams. (Well no, I am an optimistic one with some imagination. My last week was my wildest dream. It won’t be always that good. And it was above 2g/kg protein already. But that’s very, very little protein if you ask me. I needed super low-cal days for it.)


What is you definition of needing super low-cal?.


Anything below 1200 kcal is definitely super low-cal to me. But I have such days sometimes. (Me. Mind-blowing. 1200 kcal is a small meal to me…)


I just eat protein like a pig too.

The way I see it, it is very difficult to eat too much protein, and if I overindulge one day I usually naturally make up for it with 2MAD/OMAD another day.

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I’ve had that feeling :grinning: But I override it because I’m a food addict :pleading_face: 2 MAD is good right?


It was longer but I managed to delete some parts.

I don’t have that. My 200+ g protein days are followed by normal days unless I focus like crazy. But my average is never huge and I never can eat crazy high protein so it’s not bad except a few things like food cost, my feelings about being wasteful and I can’t lose fat if I overeat protein therefore fat too.
There may be a tiny balancing act but it’s not recognizable as I just revert back to my 130-180g normal protein intake after very high protein days. And I have those after any other day, typically… I never have 200+ g protein days in row though. Maybe I could, I don’t know as I try the opposite and it’s easy.

Protein usually wins, I mean, if I eat below 130g protein during the day, I eventually get hungry again before bedtime. Today I had a small lunch and a tiny snack sized dinner so no wonder I got hungry at 10pm and ate more protein. It always happens when my day is very low protein (and almost always when it’s below 130g, apparently. what is with my body and its fixation with numbers? but my tracking clearly shows it), it doesn’t matter how much and what I eat (as long as the protein is too little to my body’s liking). It’s already a bit odd to get satiated with little protein for my first meal but it often happens close to carnivore. But I tend to get hungry later, sometimes every hour until I reach 130g protein (the satiation lasts longer if I have lots of fat but without protein, it’s still not good). And then I get satiated and all is well. (As long as I have my fat but it’s very hard to eat 130g protein with too little fat for me. It’s a feat to get way less fat than protein. People say everything has carbs. I don’t see that but everything nice has a lot of fat. Usually protein too but not always. But almost everything nice is protein rich, that’s why it’s borderline impossible for me to eat only adequate protein. I could do that only on a plant-based diet when I tried it for 5 days. But if I did a plant-based day now, I probably would go beyond 200g protein. And it would be very low-carb. And I would miss meat and eggs so a second day wouldn’t happen.)

It’s good if you do it right and it suits you… I have great 2MAD days and epic fail 2MAD days. And days when it’s impossible to do 2MAD.

I found addiction doesn’t necessarily matter (at least the kind I have). It did until carnivore, I don’t have self control regarding food and don’t even try or with to resist temptation and I go wild easily… But the right carnivore food is almost magical. If even my timing isn’t off, I just CAN’T mess it up. I call what I get perfect satiation and it often has the near impossibility to eat and get compulsions and stupid desires. Even if I ALLOW myself to go wild… I just can’t do it. The food in me ended on such a perfect note that it can’t happen. I love it.
(I still go wild but I need to leave my proper carni food for that, possibly messing with my natural timing too.)


LOL @Shinita…your hedonistic references are legendary!!!